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By snoopy On 02/19/04  

i tend to experience strong let-down while breastfeeding and always leak a lot of milk from the breast not being used at the time and so i always have to wear breast pads to prevent a soaked shirt. i'm in the middle of my third month of breastfeeding and was wondering if i'll always have this strong/painful letdown and leaking boobs every time i nurse or if my body will regulate things better in time. also, when your baby started sleeping through the night, how did you compensate for engorged breasts during that time she wasn't eating?

By jane_bond On 02/19/04  

For many women, the breasts regulate themselves between 2 and 6 mths. I stopped being engorged and dripping around then. Some women will always leak or have a strong letdown all through their nursing lives.

So, if you are the average woman, your supply should start regulating better now and continue to regulate to about 6 mths.

Since the definition of "through the night" is 5 hours of sleep at one time, sleeping through the night in the adult sense is kinda rare. And, given that sleep is one of the first things affected by sickness, teething, growth spurts and developmental leaps, consistently sleeping through the night is very rare in breastfeeding babies.

They may spend a week sleeping for 5 hrs in a row (say from 10pm to 3am), but the next week they may suddenly need to nurse every hour or two hours for a few days due to being on the edge of learning how to sit, or starting solids or starting to teethe.

That said, since your supply depends on your baby's demand, a few days of sleeping for long periods should be enough to signal to your breasts that they need to produce less milk during that period. So, if your little one is sleeping consistantly from 8 till 2, let's say, a few days later, your breasts will regulate their supply downwards at that time.

If your engorgement is really painful, I would hand express a little milk to ease the pressure. If you want, you can take advantage of that extra milk and pump some for the freezer - a little stash of milk is always helpful at the oddest of times.


By snoopy On 02/20/04  

thanks jb! that was very informative.

By Melynn On 02/20/04  

I had really strong let down too, in fact I never really "dried up" in between kids. I had all my kids two years apart.
I found the best way for me to relieve the engorgment was to hand express in the shower. The warm water was very helpful, plus I didn't want to bottle it. My babies didn't ever have bottles plus I didn't want them to take it from a bottle when I had way more than enough.
I expressed just enough to get relief. I did try a breast pump, but that my nipples way more sore than actually nursing.
I leaked pretty much constant for the first month. Breast pads were not cutting it. I used maxi pads, the adhesive kept them in place and they soaked up faster than nursing pads. Plus a ton cheaper.
My let down did get less painful after time, about 2 months. With my first one I felt let down everytime I nursed, second one I did in the beginning then I didn't notice so much toward the end of the year. But with my third one I did in the beginning, but then toward the end I wasn't even sure he was getting anything till I saw it in his mouth.
Mine pretty much started out sleeping through the night, once in awhile they would get up. Just lucky there. But by morning I was more than ready to feed them.
But most importantly, just remember that everything will be fine and don't let yourself get overly frustrated. It's like your frustration passes along to baby.

By senorcoconut On 02/20/04  

I never leaked. I squirted. Literally. We had a tpae measure handy just for fun. I clocked in at around two and a half feet. It was fun.

By pomly On 02/21/04  

Ha! Senorcoconut that is so funny. A friend of mine claims 4 feet!!! I am having my first baby in about a month and I am starting to see a few little drops coming out.

By Melynn On 02/21/04  

Ok, this is just a tad embarassing, but true, I know I can't be the only one!
When my husband and I would have sex that was the worst time that I would spray uncontrollably. The first time it happened, right at orgasm, I started to spray and I shot him in the face. He said, "oh god what was that?" Oops! It was me!!! So until I got regulated I had to 'point' them a little to the side. it is histerical.

By senorcoconut On 02/22/04  

Big whoopty. He squirts when he orgasms, too.
Now you are even. ;)

By Melynn On 02/23/04  

Ha! I never thought of it like that!!

By melmelon On 02/23/04  

Mel - THAT's just way too funny....and that pretty much happened to me too the first time we did the big nasty after this new baby (never had that leaky boob problem during sex with my first babe) Things were going along more than just fine until I noticed the sheets were soaked (in the "oddest" of places)....naturally I found it funnier than he did and laughed so bloody hard that I ruined the mood. i am saving that story up for when my daughter turns 16 and is annoying planning to tell her in front of friends if she is really annoying...or I may just write it in her baby book.

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