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By looloo On 02/19/04  

Last night I was helping my husband hang some chair railing and my 4 year old was standing next to me sniffling because of a cold and she was refusing to blow her nose so to get her away from my ear (I was about to lose it...) I sent her to see what her little sister was doing...she came back and said "Um, she's just using a lot of your lotion" So I go in her room and, sure enough, she is covered in my green tea lotion! She said "Look Mom, I pretty!"...

I love my angels....

By cackalackie On 02/19/04  

Last night, my husband went straight to bed after work - with a migraine. This morning, my 4-year-old, who knows better than to come downstairs before 0700, came down as soon as she heard my husband in the bathroom (6:30) and went in to speak to him. I called her into the bedroom where I was to ask what she was doing up so early. She told me, "I wanted to ask Daddy how his head was feeling and give him a big hug." Awww...

And get this - I had to go up at 7:00 and wake the baby (all cozy in her new crib) in order to feed her!

By wisheveled On 02/20/04  


My girl was playing in her kitchen-cooking, cleaning, feeding the baby-and I was doing the baby's voice (thanks mommy, me hungry, drink please).

She was at the sink and I voiced "love you, mommy."

She tossed down the pans, ran to the high chair, scooped up the baby and said "love you, looove youu", kissing and hugging.

That made me feel great-that she thinks mommies drop everything for a love session.

By looloo On 02/20/04  

that deserves the worlds biggest AWWW!!!

here is last nights "cute thing": My girls were sitting at the table eating. When they were done my four year old cleared her plate, then came back and cleared her sisters plate. I heard her ask her sister if she was sure she was done and if she was sure she didn't want anything else to drink. Then she replaced the place mats and then pulled her sisters chair out for her so she could get down. They are so loving to each other when they don't realize someone is watching them!

By melmelon On 02/20/04  

You know, I don't normally like kids......but AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Sometimes they can be pretty sweet...last week my pet monster helped her father hook up the satellite cable...went to the kitchen dawer to get him a butter knife (who needs a screwdriver when you have a butter knife?). She also sands drywall and will rub your back if you ask her too. She'll do almost anything but pick up her damned toys.

By looloo On 02/23/04  

Oh my goodness...last night I was fixing a hot dog for myself and my four year old was wanting to help so she took it out of the microwave for me and then told me it was hot..(of course after I told her "don't touch, hot" ) then she told me that I shouldn't eat the hot hot dog because it will burn the babies throat...the one in my belly....

By cackalackie On 02/23/04  

Oh dear. Guess what my 4-year-old said to me last night when I was tucking her in?

"Mama, I'm not allowed to say Fuckin' Hell!"

I just responded that was correct. Then her dad explained that she'd gotten a bit frustrated while putting her PJs on....Oh well, I told him, at least if she says that in public, they'll "think" she must have gotten it from her dad!

By luci_mama On 02/26/04  

Cackalackie, that cracks me up!

It reminds me of Annie Lamott's story (in Bird by Bird, I think) about her son playing with (toy) keys and locking himself out of the house (for real). She heard him say "shit" and then she gave him a long lecture about how Mommy says that sort of thing sometimes but she's trying hard not to say it anymore and she hopes he won't say it anymore and why.... And then when she winds it all down, he asks her whether she wanted to know why he said that word, and she said yes. He said, "Because the f*ckin KEY wouldn't work!"

That story always cracks me up, too!

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