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By lilsallyisdead On 02/19/04  

Anyone? Anyone?

By kazoogrrl On 02/19/04  

I'm in Baltimore, but am sometimes up in York and I help out with the PA Fairie Festival. Is that anywhere near you? (Glen Rock, PA).

By monkeyrocker On 02/19/04  

There's lots of us in Philly-if you do a search in the Guide section and the La Vida section on Philly you should run across a ton of threads.

By lilsallyisdead On 02/20/04  

oh cool thank you. i don't know where glen rock is, but that could just be a fluke, and it really might be close.

By kazoogrrl On 02/22/04  

It's halfway between Baltimore and York, PA.

By SpanishFly On 02/22/04  

I grew up in Lancaster, but now I live in Philly...

Are you from Lancaster or did you move there from someplace else?


By lilsallyisdead On 02/22/04  

I grew up in Bloomsburg, Pa, went to school in york, now just moved to Lancaster.

My fiance grew up here, when did you graduate HS.

By SpanishFly On 02/22/04  

I graduated in 1993, I just went to my 10-year reunion in the fall...

How do you like Lancaster so far? There was a cool little downtown scene there when I was in HS/college... the 300 block of Queen St. has great vintage and record shops. And I always loved going to Central Market on Fridays.


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