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By sexy_secretary On 02/18/04  

anybody know how to make or have a good pattern for a laptop bag? I have nothing to carry it around in and I'd rather make an attractive one than buy a boring one. It would be preferable if it has some sort of padding included, but any help is much appreciated..thanks!

By hightide On 02/19/04  

I made a sleeve for my laptop using pre-quilted fabric (not sure if that is the right term), and a bag that it would all fit in. If you made a bag and lined it with the pre-quilted fabric, it would probably work well.

If you tell me what dimensions you want, I can send or post a pattern.

By victoria h On 02/19/04  

For ideas check out My friend Barbara makes those laptop bags. They're padded, with a cotton liner, cute print fabric, and then clear vinyl on top of that. They zip up the side and the top. I made one for my dad awhile ago and it wasn't that hard. Just measure your laptop, add some inches so it has a bit of 'ease', and then cut out a rectangle. Put the zipper in and sew up the sides, and then turn it inside out. Hopefully this makes sense.

By vratch On 02/20/04  

I've wondered for ages about making a laptop bag and now I'm very inspired. You could put all sorts of cool artwork on it if you were using the clear PVC.

One question how easy it is to sew the clear PVC? are there different weights of it?

By jenabug On 03/31/04  

such unbelieveably cute bags. very inspiring. tell your friend that she is awesome!! i will pass this site on to my friends


By hello_kitten On 03/27/04  

oh, the covers on the website are cute!

where would I find this clear pvc that was mentioned? And can it be sewn on a machine?


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