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By melmelon On 02/18/04  

I have a two year old....looking for new ideas....right now she likes to paint, colour, we've done the homemade playdough, egg carton everything, rice art, and are currently making a papier mache doll bed. What do you crafty mamas like to do with your kids? Other than send them for naps, or maybe thats just me.

By looloo On 02/18/04  

wow! you have the patience of a saint! I have a hard time with coloring with my three year old...she is a wild one though!

You know what we did that was fun and entertaining, but maybe a little less crafty than what you are talking about? I took some corn starch and added a little water put it in a bowl and we gushed our hands all through it! I loved it, I think she did too!

By wisheveled On 02/18/04  

I bought the Crayola brand soap crayons-worth it because the soap is in an adjustable plastic case and the colors are bright but don't stain.

I have a shower curtain all way round and a white tub, so lots of expressive space. Sometimes I draw simple things and she guesses and some times letters and shapes-other times just free coloring as high as she can reach and these color under water also.

Lately shes been coloring things she brings into the tub like a plastic Pooh, and a bowl.

She's two and stays in the tub while I do hair and make up-tiny, tiny bathroom.

I let her play a particular way with her food, also. One grandma is a gourmet cook so meals over there are always about PRESENTATION. So babygirl always likes to have a bowl for gravy or sauce or add ons like diced tomatoes, then she uses a big spoon to put things on her plate just so-she watches the cooking shows on PBS just as well as the cartoons!

She loves stickers and surprised me one night by putting them all over her clothes, then mine. And you know-she put one on each button. So I let her decorate our clothes at times at night.

By cackalackie On 02/18/04  

All my daughter needs is a roll of tape! And some empty boxes. And paper. And I just got her the coolest pinking shear-type scissors. She just loves "Arts & Crafts." She asks, "Amn't I ca-RATE-ive?

My favorite thing, though, is the pictures she draws of people. Their cute faces. Especially ones of the family...The other day she drew a picture of her boyfriend. Playing soccer. Naked. With a jobby hanging from his bottom. (Seriously - switched to a brown marker just for that!)

Stickers on each button - how cute! My daughter got lots of stickers this V Day and I keep finding them stuck to things all over the house - including the baby!

By melmelon On 02/18/04  

I am glad my daughter doesnt draw that well yet...or have a boyfriend to draw naked...I laughed so hard I almost daughter also likes....LOVES....stickers, I bought here a sticker album to keep the bloody things in, but she muchly prefers sticking herself with them, especially for earrings, finger and toenails....crayons are also good for lipstick...which she has never seen on me in her life, so I dont know where she gets that from. I think I will have to try the cornstarch thing with her...when we were working on the papier mache the other day - she was supposed to be dunking and passing the strips of paper....but she's two....- she decided to mush it all up I shaped the mass into her initial on a baking tray, poked a hole to hang it from and depending if it dries or what we will paint it and hang it in her room..we shall see.

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