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By loveplusone On 02/17/04  

hey moms! I never considered myself a feminist until I became a mom and simultaneously became a second- second -class citzen in this society. A woman and a mom!
I found a book that totally helps with the frustrations of being both. Its by Faulkner Fox and its called "Dispatches from a not so perfect Life: Or how I learned to love the house the man and the Child." (not necessarily in that order). Run out to your library or book stores and get this one, so we can talk about it! i'm on page 80 and its soooo good.

By sofrosyne On 02/17/04  

sounds cool! I placed a request at the library :)

By jasmineT On 02/18/04  

I've been wanting to read that one. She's coming here (Rochester) for a book signing in early March. There's a segment of her book on Actually, I'd recommend that site for anyone feeling frustrated with all aspects of motherhood. It's very inclusive and there a lot of different moms there. Thanks for reminding me!

BTW- your embroidery's cute. I'll keep you in mind for baby shower gifts:)

By loveplusone On 02/18/04  

Hey Jasmine,
Thanks for the interest in the book and the business!=)I love too!

I know my website isn't as "interactive" as it could be, but I'm learning about all this web stuff as I go. Its a slow process when you have to actually make the clothes and watch a little crawler! Right now I mostly sell to shops in Manhattan, by footwork and word of mouth.
buuut- hope to get everything webwise in tip top shape this year. Just so you know, I gaurentee all my work 100% and I ship by your preferred method. You can choose from one of my designs, or, in most cases, I'll accept a customized project. Pass me on to other mamas, if you can
and let me know when your interested, can't wait to work with you!

By loveplusone On 02/18/04  


By looloo On 02/18/04  

I just checked out hipmama and I have to say "yay" to them for mentioning the young ones in their poll

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