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By Knittinator On 02/17/04  

As you know (bc I blabber about it constantly=) Im and Irish dance teacher. I want to start more classes bc I have a good number of people interested in taking them. The problem is space! I cant find anywhere to rent space from at a reasonable price! Id just need it one night a week or on Saturday mornings. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


By ceebee On 02/17/04  

I'll keep my eyes open for something. Have you ever talked to Several Dancers Core in Decatur? I have no idea what they would charge but that might be a possibility. Their studio is in Downtown Decatur right by the MARTA station. Good luck!

By Knittinator On 02/17/04  

Thank you so much! I emailed them this evening so hopefully Ill hear back from them soon. If not Ill call them later in the week.

Now that I think about it I believe another Irish Dance school may have held classes in that spot but they quit. Yay!

If I do end up with classes on that side of town you glitter gals are MORE than welcome to stop in any time if youd like!


By laoni On 02/18/04  

Oooh fun! I was taking a modern class there until recently; both studios are pretty nice. I'm currently taking elsewhere( Beacon Hill) at the moment, but I'm always up for trying different types of dance. Definitely let us know if you start up a class there.

By ceebee On 02/18/04  

laoni, do you live in Decatur? isn't Beacon Hill in Decatur as well?

By laoni On 02/18/04  

I live really close to Decatur. Technically I guess it's Kirkwood/Eastlake, but I tend to just say Decatur, b/c more people know where that is. Beacon Hill is in Decatur(I think on Trinity; I'm horrible with street names). They seem to share space with Decatur Ballet, but I'm not sure of the exact relationship since I just started taking the class there.

By Knittinator On 02/19/04  


Nothings final yet (still gotta fill out paper work and all) but it looks like I can get space at Several Dancers Core on Saturday Mornings! Just the time I wanted! I would start probably March 27th (I think thats a sat.) I am SOOOOOOO excited! So if you knwo anyone in that area from the ages of 4- never too old who might want to dance let them or me know!

Im going to start with just one hour, but hopefully will have enough interest that I can make two classes, a kids and an adult. Yaaay!

Anyway thanks again and just wanted to let you know you helped me out.

Please send good vibes that ill get the space with no problems!


By laoni On 02/19/04  

I can't imagine why you wouldn't get it if the space is already available at that time; I'm sure they'd be happy to have you in there. But good luck vibes anyway! Oh and make sure to put flyers up over there(they have a couple of areas for them); that's how I found out about at least one class.

By ceebee On 02/19/04  

Yah they have flyers posted in the window of the dance studio and you should also put one up at Java Monkey (coffeehouse). It's on Church Street diagonal across the street from the MARTA station almost at the corner of Ponce.
I hope it goes great!!!!

By Knittinator On 02/20/04  

Well, as far as not being sure if I CAN get the space, sometimes they need some sort of insurance thing or theyll realize they cant take me or they dont like me or something, so I dont want to get TOO excited until it happens =).

Also Im worried Ill get the space and have no students. I mean, people SAY they want to take but then when it comes down to it will they? Plus how am I going to advertise this in an effective way? Is there a way to get the word out on the Agnes Scott campus maybe? I like teaching people my age as well as little kids, and if I get enough "young adults" I can have a class just for them and its soooooo much fun! Anyway, any siggestions as far as that goes would be appreciated.

Im stressing, can you tell? LOL


By laoni On 02/20/04  

Try maybe contacting the Emory Dance department and the Agnes Scott Dance/theatre(not sure what they have given their size)department to see if you can post fliers there. At the dance departments I've been around, the dance studios always had all kinds of flyers around. Also other studios...I'm not sure whether they'd be weird about it, but as long as it's not what they're already teaching, they might not have a problem advertising it to their students. Atlanta Ballet has open classes for the general public, there are a couple of basic ballet type schools around decatur. is an atlanta dance weppage that seems to have people advertising classes on it.
Also a random search turned up this, but you may already know more about the folks on here.>

I'm not sure how much the classifieds in the Creative Loafing are, but there's also that "Intown" paper that I see around. That's just off the top of my head. It seems like classes can take a while to build, and often word of mouth is a big factor. Hang in there!

By Knittinator On 02/20/04  

Thanks for the advice.

TEE HEE HEE!! Ah yes, Cregan Obrien, I know them WELL. Thats who I used to dance for. We are no longer on speaking terms =) Ah, the weird weird world of Irish Dance politics.....

Ill check at those dance departments though! Good thought!

By ceebee On 02/23/04  

Agnes Scott is a great idea because you'll be in walking distance. I graduated from there so here's a little info for you: there is a dance department (ballet, modern, jazz) and I think a dance minor so there are girls interested in dance. AND through the English department there are periodic trips to Ireland (I went in '99). So you might be able to find some interest in some girls who are interested in all things Irish. I would advise you to go to the student center (called "Alston") main desk and ask them if you can post some flyers (and ask where specifically is ok to post--they might be strick about this). That's a start atleast!

By divasteph On 02/24/04  

i used to be in a acting troupe that practiced in a aikido studio on miami circle - we also practiced in a - martial arts studio off of piedmont so try those martial arts studios - we had practices on wed and sundays so anyway thats my advice!!!

By Knittinator On 02/25/04  


Just wanted to say thanks for all the great advice! I went and got the key to the studio at Several Dancers Core yesterday afternoon! Now I just need some students so I can pay the rent *crosses fingers* Thank you for all your suggestions in that area too! I've tried contacting parents groups around town also but so far they've just been snotty. They can't ALL be like that. Im sure someone in one of them will want to help me out.

Damn, business is stressful =)


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