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By melmelon On 02/17/04  

Hi, I just wanted to say that I have been mainly lurking, not so much posting....maybe one, if that...and have decided to jump out of the closet and say hi...yes I know what that may or may not sound like, but whatever...I am not so witty these days, just a sleep deprived mother of two little monsters, I mean adorable angels, who are sleeping right now or I wouldnt likely be typing this nonsensical message.
I have two girls, One thats 28 months and another thats 10 weeks. I waste much time surfing and reading. My interests include long walks at sunset......oh sorry, forgot where I was, I suck at this intro thing. I'm in Canada and used to have a real job that paid me money before I had kids, and after two and a half years at home I still dont know what to do with myself...I'll stop rambling now and post this before I change my mind and decide to stay the lurker I feel destined to be.

By looloo On 02/17/04  

welcome go take a nap!!!

By cackalackie On 02/17/04  

Welcome indeed. As I mentioned on the other thread, I have two girls: one 4-1/2 and one nearly 4 months. My husband and I both work outside the home 9-5, and my job also involves travel. Both girls are at the same day care, but the 4-year-old will be starting school in the fall.

By melmelon On 02/18/04  

I am counting the days until my 2 year old goes to least she was born at the end of October and not January.....September 2005!!! (can you tell I'm excited?) As much as I hate being home, I do know how fortunate we are that we can afford it...I think by the time daycare and travel was out of the way I would be paying to work AND have the hassle of retraining my children to my specifications after all day with the enemy....that and I didnt have a lovely was more like 8a.m.-midnight or so, plus weekends.

By Melynn On 02/18/04  

****Waving a big HELLOOO!*** with 3 kids yanking on my shirt trying to get my attention!

Welcome to glitter mamma-hood!!


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