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By looloo On 02/16/04  

anyone ever get those? I didn't for my first 2 and last night I may have. Just out of curiosity (because seeing as I am at work and not at the hospital, I know it wasn't labor or false labor) what did they feel like for you? I know what the text-book description is, but I want to hear from people that have actually had them!

By moondance1 On 02/16/04  

I had'em. They just felt like my whole stomach got hard as a rock. Mine didn't hurt. My husband and I just called it 'hardbelly'.

My best friend said hers really made her uncomfortable... so I guess there are all kinds and different levels of them.

Happy not to have hardbelly anymore.


By snoopy On 02/16/04  

i seemed to have braxton-hicks contractions throughout most of my pregnancy, starting at the end of my first trimester. i'd get them a few times a day, and they also made my tummy feel as hard as a rock. it didn't hurt although toward the end of the pregnancy it was getting pretty uncomfortable.

By jane_bond On 02/16/04  

I had a few hardbellies in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but since I went 3+wks early, I didn't really get much b/h contractions. Oh, but in the few days before my water broke, and a few minutes before, I got little period cramps -- the sensation reminded me of the couple of cramps I used to get the week before my period when I would think to myself, Oh, look, I guess my period is coming next week. I never thought of those ones as b/h, tho - I just thought of them as my uterus tuning up for labour.

My little sis, however, who just had a baby yesterday, got two sessions of b/h, one a week and a half ago, lasted all day, and one session a few days ago that lasted about 4 hours.

Little sis said they felt like very mild period cramps, would last about 30secs and happen every 2hrs for the first session and every 30 mins for the second session. They went away both times when she went to bed.

By looloo On 02/16/04  

Mine kind of felt like the period cramps...I know they weren't actual contractions, but they seemed to be happening in 5 minute intervals...but after about 1 hour they went away. I tried 2 theories...first I moved everytime I got one (you know when you have your period and get a cramp sometimes if you adjust your seating then they will get better?) then I tried staying in one place through a couple of them. With both things I tested they stayed about the same and lasted just as the conclusion I got (after they went away and the panic was over) was that I had either Braxton-Hicks or very regular gas!

By jennymeg On 02/18/04  

Was it pain or your tummy hardening. Because moving won't alleviate BH contractions. Rest and hydration helps. If the feeling was painful, like pulling, it may have been round ligament pain, in the lower part of your abdomen, caused by the uterus just being big and things pulling and stretching. You can take tylenol for that. I just asked my doctor about these 2 things at my last visit - ways to help alleviate both things. Also, sudden or irregular movement can bring on the round ligament pain.

By Peachy On 02/17/04  

I am definately experiencing the hardbelly. I thought it was just the baby shifting into a weird position until one day it finally dawned on me.... My midwife suggested keeping track of them at this point, I have about 3 weeks to go until my due date, but I barely notice them.

By sofrosyne On 02/17/04  

yes I got them, I guess they started in the middle of my 3rd trimester or so? It started out I could just feel my belly getting hard. I would notice it a lot when I was walking, I think that would bring them on. Then, as I got closer and closer they would get stronger and stronger. the last 3 days before I gave birth they would get kind of twangy and would be very distracting, and would get more frequent during the night, like every 7 minutes or so :)

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