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By peachass On 02/15/04  

yay!!! me and my partner rebekah just opened our shop 'sodafine' in fort greene, brooklyn!
(we were in philly for a year+) it's vintage and handmade stuff, and we opened on valentine's day. just wanted to invite any nyc friends to come visit us!
we're at: 246 dekalb ave.(at vanderbilt) right next door to tillie's coffee.

By ursonate On 02/15/04  

Are you anywhere near Carol's Daughter? I need that extra motivator.

By peachass On 02/16/04  

mapquest say's it is .34 miles away...but i haven't explored the neighborhood much yet, what is carol's daughter?

By ursonate On 02/17/04

A friend gave me some awesome hair stuff from there among other good smelling things for my birthday. I've been meaning to go there forever and just never got around to it. Also the founder has an "inspirational" story since she started the company after having declared bancruptcy.

Hmmm, they fail to list their address on their website. Doesn't anyone pay any attention to Jakob Nielsen anymore?

On the other hand, maybe they just don't actually have a store front.

By emilygrace On 02/17/04  

Yay! I live in Fort Greene. I'll come by soon.

By Kaystarr98 On 02/25/04  

i've been to carol's daughter, cute place on a corner right near the park, they most def have a storefront, if you're talking physical stuff...


and i've actually been awaiting the official sodafine opening, guess i missed it! gotta hoof it on down one of these days!

By loveplusone On 02/21/04  

looking for some handmade clothes for your store?
I make hand dyed/ hand embroidered shirts/onesies-

I live in Park Slope- not too far, check out my site, if you like my stuff I'll swing by!


By officeromance On 03/01/04  

were you (are you?) part of vagabond in old city? my friend used to work there. i went in the other day and it was really different, kind of dissapointing- less of the unique stuff i loved about it. was "sodafine" the goods that i'm missing?:(

By peachass On 03/08/04  

yeah, our shop was in the backroom of vagabond! so i guess it could've been us you were missing...but i think they used to do more handmade stuff pre-sodafine, i'm not quite sure. we were in the back from oct 2002- december 2003. but next time your in old city, check the backroom of vagabond again, my friend emily (she was originally a sodafine partner but was too busy working on getting her fashion degree from F.I.T.) just opened up as 'emmaluv' on friday. she makes great stuff!

By officeromance On 03/10/04  

i will def check it out, i live pretty close on south front anyway. i used to love shopping there, such diff stuff.
i will also check your new shop in new york. can u give me subway directions at some point? i won't be there til sunday march 28, but i'd love to make a plan to stop in

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