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By dumplinggrrl On 02/14/04  

This sprouted from the Asian candy thread. I never realized you all liked Asian sweets so much. I'm living in Tokyo and they have the most kick ass selection of candies and sweets ever from Pockey, chocolate with weird names to really cute traditional sweets that look almost too good to eat. And I was thinking I really love American candy too, and I don't know where you all live but I bet they all have great sweets. So I was wondering if anyone was up for a swap?

I'm thinking maybe set a specific amount of money per package and buy the stuff you think are the best picks in your area and send them off to all the people on the list so we can have a small package of various candies from all over? If a lot of people participate we might break the list up in to smaller groups and just send the packages out to the people in our group. How does that sound to you? If you're interested I'll be happy to arrange the swap.

I've never arranged a swap before so if I'm going about it wrong or if you have any advice I'm all ears.

By invisilurker On 02/15/04  

That would be really cool..
It sounds like a really great swap idea to me.

By stumblebum On 02/15/04  

Oh my goodness, that sounds so fun! American and Japaneses sweeties, how fun! I've never done a swap before, but this sounds great :)

By dumplinggrrl On 02/15/04  

OK, so if anyone's up for the swap e-mail me with your address before the end of this month.I'll divide the people in to groups of about 5 people and mail everyone a list of all the people who are in their group. And we'll send a package to everyone on our group list. How much should we spend on each package? I'm thinking about $5? What do you think?

ETA: if you're allergic to anything please include that in your e-mail too.

By smachel On 02/15/04  

ooh... $5 a package to 5 people? that's $25 NOT including international postage for 5 packages. a little too rich for my blood right now.

however, if the dynamics of this swap changes where it's a one-on-one trade, i'd be in.

By dumplinggrrl On 02/15/04  

Hmm.. you've got a point. I was thinking that a wider swap would result in more diverse candies for the participants but $25 plus shipping is a lot, would everyone be happier with a one on one trade? Then we could save shipping fees but you'll only get candy from one place. Let me know what you think.

By zil On 02/15/04  

Yay! I love this idea. I'm in Thailand right now and they've got some really strange-but good- candy. So I'm in. But yeah, $25 worth of candy is gonna be a lot to haul home...

By dumplinggrrl On 02/15/04  

OMG!! You're in Thailand!! That's my hometown! How I miss Thai sweets. You should try to find our rip off of Pocky it's called 'Hocky' :D Thailand is sometimes too too funny.

On another note I guess a one on one swap should be the way to go. So this is how we'll do it:

e-mail me your address, what kind of candy you like and I'll try to match you up with a good partner. The price is no less than $5 a package. The deadline to sign up is the end of this month and then I'll e-mail you the list of swap partners. Does this sound ok?

Again I'm completely new to arranging swaps so any help is appreciated :) Thanks.

By dumplinggrrl On 02/15/04  

*bump* 2 swappers so far, anymore?

By moon_lemming On 02/16/04  

I would love love LOVE to do this swap, but honestly, I can't think of any candy that's specific to where I live (Virginia in the US). If anyone wants anything that's regional here that I just don't think of as regional, let me know and I'll participate. : )

By MizMosa On 02/16/04  

I'm interested! I'll email you my info.


By crazybones On 02/16/04  

I'm here in the states, and would like to swap w/someone overseas! But, I'm kinda brokeish, so I could do it if it were a 1 to 1 swap.

By spookle_t On 02/16/04  

I would love to be in on this- UK sweets rock too hard and I need the world to know this. Plus I loooooove sweeties from overseas. What's the script?

g xxx

By dumplinggrrl On 02/16/04  

crazybones, yep, this is a one on one swap so the costs are not much. Send me your info and I'll add you to the list.

moon lemming: I loove US sweets so if no one else wants anything specific to Virginia I'll be happy to swap with you. Any candy you think is native there is very rare here. Even animal crackers.

Right now we have 6 people
-editorgrrl (I still need your address!)
-dumplingrrl (that's me)

Any one who wants to sign up please
* send me your
-mailing address
-candy preference
-don't forget to tell me if you are allergic to anything

my e-mail is

I'll be away until Saturday so if any one e-mails me their info with in the next few days I'll come back and add you on saturday.

By moon_lemming On 02/16/04  

I e-mailed you!

By trishie On 02/17/04  

I emailed you also! Candy candy candy!

By spookle_t On 02/17/04  

I emailed you and am so excited about new sweeties!

By stinkycretingrl On 02/17/04  

e-mailed ya! i am so excited about this swap! my god, do i love candy. and we have some interesting local candy in kentucky, like ruth hunt candies and bourbon balls. i think i once heard goo goo clusters were also region specific. can't wait!

By melmelon On 02/18/04  

I sent my postal it wrong for me to be this excited about candy? And so everyone knows, I am in Canada, what we have that is special, I dont know, most of its pretty good.

By crazybones On 02/17/04  

You know, with Easter coming up, there is going to be LOADS of awesome candy in the stores!

By asianlynn On 02/17/04  

I would really like to participate!

By stargirley On 02/17/04  

I'll join in. When is the deadline to send going to be? I'm just curious if i should start searching for goodies now or what. I'll e-mail you with my info ....

By cyan On 02/17/04  

I'm going to participate in this swap. Also, I'm in Canada, and we have lots of candies that the States don't (Kinder Eggs, Smarties, Aero bars, ketchup potato chips, etc, etc), so yeah!


By crazybones On 02/18/04  

ketchup potato chips? I have never even heard of these!

Hey - everyone should say what kind of candy they've heard of that they can't get. I'm not sure what cool candies we have here in the states, so it would be good to know what other people want, I think.

By moon_lemming On 02/18/04  

We have ketchup chips in the states! At least, we do in Virginia. I only know this because I had hardcore ketchup chip cravings when I was pregnant, and they were like their own food group for me. Sometimes it's hard to find them, though.

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