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By mishymisu On 02/14/04  

I'll be in NYC on March 10th through the weekend. Any suggestions of things to do? Anyone want to get together? I plan on doing massive shopping and I really want to check out the textile district, where is that anyways? We are staying at the downtown hilton.

This will be my first time in New York, except for that time I spent a half hour in the greyhound station with some crazy pantless woman running around screaming, so I'm pretty clueless about the city.

By ladymisskayte On 02/14/04  

we should have a stitch and bitch in your honor! or at least get together and have lots of drinks.
you should check out the whole 36th-38th street and sixth avenue area. that's where all the trim shops are. buttons, trims and beads up the wazoo.
i get most of my fabric down by canal street, specifically at p & s which is a few blocks south of canal on broadway.
thrift shopping is kinda expensive in the city but maybe we can organize a trip to queens or something.
and (of course) you must give love to brooklyn and come out to visit our fair borough.

for fun things to do, check out or these are both weekly lists of interesting (and ususally cheap) things to do in new york.
you should probably also get a time out new york when you get here.

oh and don't forget bluestockings, the awesome feminist bookstore on allen street. they have a lot of readings and films there too.
their calendar is on their website.

ok, that's probably enough info for you to absorb for now! see you soon!

By mishymisu On 02/17/04  

I'm going to be solo during the day because my guy is going to be working at a trade show. do you want to get together during the day sometime, maybe grab some lunch?

I definitly think drinks with the NY ladies is a "can't miss" aspect of the NY trip!

By cowgirly On 02/18/04  

Heyyyy cool!
I'm free during most days, if you want to meet for lunch that'd be cool! I live in Bklyn, near the Park Slope area, which is a neat place to check out (gives you a taste of another aspect of city life) so think about coming out this way for lunch, maybe?

Mishy, pick a night for drinks/S&B and let's get the party started!


By butterflytwish On 02/18/04  

hola, mishy and others:

mishy told me she was gonna be in NYC the week of march 7th on LJ, so i thought i'd bop over and see what's going on with this thread!

me and my man are gonna be in NYC march 7-11th looking for an apt/loft in brooklyn, and we'll be spending nights over in washington heights, with my super-wonderful cousin. and then we'll be moving up there in 2.5 weeks!

maybe our paths could cross?


By amyspart On 02/18/04  

sorry to hijack, but - tricia, did you ever get my email response about moving up here? my email is wacky sometimes and I don't want you to think I was ignoring ya!

ps - I'm in park slope now too, so if you guys plan something in the evening or on a weekend, I'll try to come!

By mishymisu On 02/18/04  

I was just poking around and I'd sure like to do the $10 drink and manicure special at the Beauty Bar! Is it good there? You can never really tell from the internet.

By emilygrace On 02/19/04  

I've been to Beauty Bar multiple times, but never got a manicure. When I saw the manicure girl there she looked really bored...

I think it is a pretty good bar, but when it gets overcrowded it's worse than most. Somehow it can attract a really irritating crowd.

By butterflytwish On 02/20/04  

funny, i've actually been to the beauty bar before! it was SUPER crowded and clausterphobic when i was there (they were having some sort of party). it was a super cute bar, though! maybe if it was a slower night, it would be cool...


By butterflytwish On 02/20/04  

yes, i did get your response! thanks!


By ladymisskayte On 02/20/04  

two glitterati visiting in one weekend?!!! color me excited!

By prettyrists On 02/26/04  

i too will be in new york to visit some friends over spring break march 12ish-18ish. hope to meet you gals there. i'll be staying in brooklyn, and bluestockings is on my priority list!!! email me if you have suggestions of what i can do or want to hang out.

By ladymisskayte On 02/28/04  

i was thinking of having my march craft night that week (on thursday the 11th). would that work for any of you visitors?

By mishymisu On 02/28/04  

Yep! I'll be bringing Mr. Mishy too though and he's not very crafty, so I hope you don't mind.

By butterflytwish On 03/02/04  

it won't work for me, since we'll be leaving that morning...

but maybe we can do something once i move up there? i'd love to meet you ladies... :)


By Trista36 On 02/29/04  

How exreamly timely! I too will be coming to the sunny uptown NYC, but from April 1st to the 4th! I too will searching for crafty areas to visit. This is my third time to the city, but to be honest, the first two times I was totally overwhelmed and just wandered aimlessly...this time, I will have a plan, a route and a credit card!

By wanderlust On 03/08/04  

*bump* I'm gonna be in NYC tomorrow (3/9)..and I'm also looking for interesting places to visit.

Anyone know any good thrift shops that don't charge an arm and a leg?



By inky On 03/14/04  

I'm also going to be visiting New York soon, and I have a sort of specific request: can anyone recommend fabric stores with 'unusual' prints? I'm looking for something with big, aggressive-looking lizards (or dinosaurs) on it. I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Suggestions for other fun things to do that I wouldn't find in a guidebook would also be greatly appreciated.


By dyejunkee On 03/16/04  

i'm going to nyc this weekend and really want to find some great fabric, but i will unfortuneately have very limited time. anywhere that i MUST go to while i am there? i would love any suggestions. my sister lives in innwood, so anywhere around there would be great, and i am willing to travel other than that.

By mishymisu On 03/16/04  

Where I went while I was there was along 39th and 40th streets between 8th and 6th aves. There are, I swear, about thirty fabric stores stacked in there. Go the Threads and print out their shopping guide to NY, i had a lot of fun with mine!

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