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By birdandblue On 02/13/04  

Hi, i did a search but I couldn't find anything for overseas orders, Im sorry if this is a repeat question.
I was wondering what you ask for in place of a resale id # for overseas orders. I have a possible wholesale order from the UK, but she has never heard of a resale id #.

By swank On 02/14/04  

I was wondering about this too - and also what type of exporting issues might be involved...

By SublimeStitcher On 02/16/04  

huh. I'd be interested too, because I was recently approached by a uk vendor.

By lililamalice On 02/26/04  

oh please! Someone have the answer to this question! I am French and want to consign over to some US stores, but this as stopped me from trying to contact store owners.

By blibblob On 04/01/04  

What kind of work do you do and would you be interested in consigning to the UK? Always trying to plug our store...

By J Fly On 03/30/04  

I was searching the forum for wholesale infor and came across this. I'm an American in the UK, just started a business, so I may be able to help.
Is the resale ID for your benefit or for the UK lady?
If it's for her benefit, she doesn't need a resale ID #, she will be taxed regardless. If she imports your goods, she will pay duty and VAT (tax) on the value of the goods. If she is VAT registered, and will resell your goods in the UK, she can claim back the VAT paid.
The freight forwarder will require payment for duty and VAT on delivery, unless she has an account with the Customs and Excise folks.
This is how it works when I order supplies from the States, anyway, and I imagine it is the same for any goods. Have her check with the Customs/VAT people, though.
Hope that helps!

ETA I just realised you may mean the transaction goes the other way...UK to US. If so, I'm useless!

By blibblob On 04/01/04  

hi there!
At the shop we have initially played it be ear- with people sending over small amounts of goods on consignment basis- we've been liable for paying import duties on goods that have come into the country from overseas, and we will have to register for VAT-( we need to be VAT registered if we have a turn over of more than 45,000...round about/ there are implications for ordering from overseas which we are looking into). A lot of the people we deal with are selling stuff in a non-comercial/professional way which makes it tricky sometimes as we don't even get invoiced...but as the whole point of our store is to support people who are diy it's hard sometimes to impose 'professional' standards- especially as we ourselves are all learning as we go along. I'd be really interested to know what other people do about this- it seems for small retailers there are no hard and fast rules. If you don't want to break any rules I guess find out for sure what needs to be done- if you're happy to take a chance then send away. What I do now with goods from small suppliers is have them send to me direct and then I invoice the store...not sure any of this is making sense...need to wait til I get to the 'import/export' day of our training course!

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