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By daria On 02/13/04  

1. Is there any place in Kensington market where I can buy fabric paint?


2. I have been looking for a mannequin head (preferably styrofoam) for ages but to no avail!! They used to have them at Value Village but, alas, I was told that they only carry them around Halloween. :( Anybody have any clue as to where I can find one??

Thanks in advance!


P.S. If you're not sure what kind I mean, here is a link to a livejournal post I made on the same topic:

By wingnut On 02/15/04  

the only place i can think of that MIGHT sell fabric paint near the market is Gwartzman's (on Spadina). i buy my stuff at Midoco on Bloor (just east of Bathurst). they have pretty good selection.

as for the styrofoam heads, i know that a ton of places in CHinatown use them as displays (right now am thinking of a place on Sapdina just north of Cecil on the east side - sell hats, scarves, etc, and they have a bunch in the wondow). maybe aask them to sell you one? if i see any around, i'll let you know... good luck!

By miche_chan On 02/21/04  

Hey Dasha!
I would go to a wig supply store for the heads, b/c if you have many wigs, I suppose that's how you'd store them.
There a great store (where I go for all of my fake coiffure needs) at College and Yonge, SE side. It's about 5 stores south of College. It's great. Go there.


By daria On 02/28/04  

cool! i'll definitely check it out!
do you remember the name of the store by any chance? that way i could find their phone number in the directory and call beforehand...

thank you so much for the idea! :)


By daria On 02/28/04  

i'll definitely check out gwartzman's the next time i'm in chinatown and will try to find that hat store you speak of as well...
thank you!! :)


By squarebug On 02/22/04  

hiya dasha...i was in a display/fixture store last summer which is located behind the police station on strachan (just south of king on the east side - north of the princess gates at the CNE). they had a box full of styrofoam heads. i wish i could remember the name of the store, it's pretty generic. if that place fails you, walk up to queen and ask the garbage palace gals....i bet they'd know where to get some.

cheers trish

By daria On 02/28/04  

a whole box full!?! i absolutely must find this place! although your directions elude me... could you by any chance tell me the main intersection or the nearest subway station to the place? maybe you remember which division of the police it is located behind?

thanks so much for the tip!


eta: i just went on the toronto police website and according to their list they don't have a division on strachan avenue... :P >

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