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By miscreation On 02/13/04  

my son is now 7 months old and i have lost most of my baby fat...there's that last
5-7lbs i'd like to lose.... just want to know what's been happening to others moms...
did you lose all the weight and more?
do you still want to lose some?
i don't want to get stuck with these lbs before i get "comfortable" with it...that's why i've not bought any new clothes for the weight i am at now....
i know i need to exercise more cuz i eat too much junk (i've been relying on that calorie burning bonus of breastfeeding!)-like last night, did i really need to eat that snickers bar after the kitkat while sitting on my butt watching the Apprentice?!
i'm anxiously awaiting nicer weather to get out and walk more and my pilates tape that's coming in the mail!
i figure it takes 9 months to gain, 9 months to lose so now i only have 2 more months!!

what's been your experience?

By mavis77 On 02/13/04  

My son is 6 months old . I've lost all weight that I gained while pregnant with him <only gained 27 pounds> and a few extra pounds<yeah for breastfeeding!> . I weigh 225 and would like to loose more weight. I'm looking forward to the nice weather so that I can go for longer walks it's too chilly here in NH to be out for too long.
I also plan on checking out pilates.
I totally agree with you about 9 months to gain 9 months to loose.

By looloo On 02/13/04  

I wish I had had that theory about 3 years ago! I feel like I am on the 9 months to gain, nine years to lose plan. Although I am pregnant now and have been pregnant for a total of almost 26 months in my life, I don't want to think that it will take 26+ months to lose this weight.

I am hoping that come April, I will have some of you to support me!

By miscreation On 02/13/04  

this is the place for support!
i'll let you know also about friend has done it 5 times for 20 min each session and she says ahe's already noticed a difference..sounds like great exercises to tone up that stretched out tummy!

By jjfantastic On 02/13/04  

i lost all the actual pregnancy pounds by about 6 months, no more no less, but things are definitely still squishy at 8 months post-pregnancy. i too can't wait for things to warm up so i can get out for walks more regularly and start riding my bike again for the first time since i got pregnant. and i so hear you on the extra breastfeeding calories! i use those as an excuse to eat more far too often. i hear that once the bambino becomes mobile, you often loose some more weight 'cos you're having to chase them around. here's hoping!

i should start doing things like pilates or at least sit-ups. let me know how that tape is and what the title is!

By jasmineT On 02/14/04  

Hmmm- 3 years after and I still have 15 to lose. Not that 5'6", 142 lbs is BAD but...I'd like to be at my pre-preggers size- only because I had so many cute clothes. The sad part is I watch what I eat, do aerobic exercise and yoga, and nursed for a year. I'm just a little more "endowed" than I was before in all the womanly areas.

I have this theory, though, that from an evolutionary standpoint mothers will have a harder time losing weight. We store up fat in strategic places so that in times of a food shortage we can survive and give the scarce food to our young. Thereby ensuring our species survival. At least that's what I keep telling myself :)

By tattoobelly On 02/16/04  

I still haven't lost the weight I gained with my son. He's 12. And adopted.

By jane_bond On 02/16/04  

You mean, you're supposed to LOSE weight after a pregnancy?!

Oh my!

By cackalackie On 02/16/04  

I reckon I'm within 10-15 lbs of my pre-maternity weight, and my daughter's nearly 4 months old. I'm guessing I'm back into about half my trousers. But then there are some that I seriously wonder if they'll ever fit again. And man, my butt feels so big. And I know I have extra fat on my thighs. This is what I feel when I'm sitting, ya know? Not to mention quishy skin and rolls just about everywhere. (My other daughter loves poking my belly and going, "Oooohhh squishy!")

My aim is just not to be too embarassed to put on a bathing suit come the Spring.

The thing is, I'm eating pretty healthily, but I'm not getting any exercise! With my first child, I ended up thinner than I was before - but I was living in London at the time and walking SO much.

By sofrosyne On 02/17/04  

I gained 30 lbs during my pregnancy, my son is 10 mo now and I weigh 7 lbs less than when I got pregnant (hooray for breastfeeding). I really can't complain at 128 lbs. I just joined a gym though, because I feel like I definitely lost some muscle mass during pregnancy and feel a bit flabby, would like to be more toned (especially in the tummy). I was also hyperthyroid a few years before I got pregnant, and it came back post-pregnancy (it happens) so that might explain it as well.

Some days all I do is eat and eat, but others my little guy keeps me so busy it's hard to do much more than snack.

You are right on the fence, though, when they hit 8 months or so and they are so big and are getting more active and are still relying on you for most of their nourishment, the breastfeeding really starts to suck down the pounds. If you can stave off the candy bars I bet you will even hit your pre pregnancy weight by 9 mo.

By looloo On 02/18/04  

I don't know what happened with me! I gained 60 pounds with my baby girl #1 (lot's of milk and peanut butter) and then I lost 30 and got pregnant again...gained 30 and then lost 30, got pregnant, lost the baby, got depressed, basically I was going no where with the weight loss thing!

But now I have a pool, the baby is due in spring so I will be able to swim all the time after the baby is born, and I have a mission (to be in a wedding the following spring)

By miscreation On 02/18/04  

thanks sofrysyne!
and i have to recommend pilates
for the tummy and butt-i'm doing the winsor
pilates and so far i notice a tightening in my tummy (under the flab!) that i've never had before!!

By jennymeg On 02/18/04  

I couldn't give two pennies about whether I lose weight after pregnancy. It really is of no importance to me, and it bothers me that so many moms get caught up in the cycle of feeling frumpy and unattractive because they "didn't lose the baby weight." The way I see it, I'm not the same person, so why should I fret about looking the same as before?

By cackalackie On 02/19/04  

Well, with respect, I don't want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe - for a start. And I know I can get back into most of my clothes with a bit of exercise and healthy eating - which is good for the whole family. And I'm not ready to resign myself to the fact that this is the weight I'll be happy with for the rest of my life. I feel I'm aware of "my" happy weight, so to speak. And I know I'm at least 10 lbs away from that.

By looloo On 02/19/04  

I don't even pretend to think I could ever look like what I did before I had a baby, but come on!!! being this much overweight is dangerous!

By moondance1 On 02/19/04  

I think a lot of people say 'weight' when they really mean 'size'. And if size doesn't matter to you and you have clothes that fit you that is GREAT. More power to ya.

I, on the other hand am sick and tired of wearing my maternity clothes because I can't quite get into my old clothes and can't/won't go out and buy myself a whole new wardrobe. I like my wardrobe... I just don't really like the size of my ass IN my wardrobe right now.

Eli is 5 months today... and I am 10 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight. Heres MY deal. I have weighed what I do now before. It isn't the weight so much as the new distribution. I've always been one of those people that have the saddlebag thighs and a broad back and chest. After baby they are both MUCH bigger than when I was this weight before. My 'fat' clothes that fit me then just DON'T now. I have unfortunate pulling across the thighs and chest which makes pants with buttons and button up shirts a thing of the past.

ramble... but I wanted to put in my two cents.


By jennymeg On 02/19/04  

eh. . .I buy all my clothes at Goodwill and sell the ones that don't fit on ebay ;) I know what you're saying. At the same time, since I was a nursing SAHM, around my kiddo ALL the time, NEW clothes have not been the best option. They would end up stained or damaged one way or another.

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