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By loveplusone On 02/11/04  

Let me start by saying,I understand the need to feel productive outside of the "mothering" duties
-after having my first baby i felt like oh my god, what do i do with this little person besides change a billion diapers, comfort a million tears and feed a growing crawling babbling mess? don't get me wrong, i love the "mess" I've made but...
crafting saved my life!!! It allowed me to "do something for myself" and see a fully created, completed project at the end of each day. This, as I know it is for many moms, is very important if you've opted for staying home!
to see what I've come up with please visit my site
soon to be simply, but not yet!(this week)
I offer a fashionable affordable alternative to the endless Carter's Classics you will doubtless recieve at your baby shower- each piece is hip, original- and 100% guarenteed!
please feel free to ask any and all questions
thanks for your patronage-you help my business grow (and keep me sane!)

By moondance1 On 02/16/04  

cute stuff. Wish I had time to craft.

I like that you paid homage to Jenny Hart and get crafty with the links.

mucho trendy!

By loveplusone On 02/17/04  

you must make time to craft !!=)

By Melynn On 02/18/04  

I think it does get easier when you kids get a little older and learn what they can and cannot touch. They love crafts and there are so many things that little hands can do.

It'll get easier!


By fairyglitterbug On 02/18/04  

How fun! LOVE IT! I just opened a site too, but it doesn't sell the same things! If you'd wanna do a link exchange then me know! You can e-mail me at

site is

By loveplusone On 02/19/04  

anyone else up for swapping crafty sites?

gromcocontact infofreelance bbs