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By kittyroc On 02/09/04  

Well, not really school. More like daycare that is set up like school. I was so nervous this morning when getting Ariana ready for her first day! After I got home from dropping her off I called the teacher to see how she was doing and she said that Ariana was doing great and didn't cry at all. I hope that she'll do okay at naptime, since she won't be able to nurse. This is such a big milestone for her, I can't wait to pick her and her brother up and see how she did. Anyone else's kids going through a big step? I want to hear about it! How does your nursing child cope with being at daycare/school?

By looloo On 02/09/04  

How old is your baby?

I was thinking you were talking about Kindergarten, which I am about to go through. 5 months away, but I am still nervous. My stomach is actually already in knots! My girls have not been in pre-school, and I am beginning to think that that was a bad idea, only to get me used to the idea of them being away!

By kittyroc On 02/09/04  

Oh my little girl is 20 months. I'm going to be going through the kindergarten jitters soon too. My son will be five in April and will start kindergarten this year. He's been going to daycare/preschool since he was 18 months old so he's pretty much ready for anything. I'm still very nervous though. I'm hoping that his preschool, which is the same place that my daughter goes for daycare, will go through with their plans to expand into a private kindergarten. The classes will be smaller so he can get more individual attention and he's already used to that shcool. Then I can save my jitters for when he enters first grade!
I just called and checked up on my daughter. They said she did great but she cried a little at lunch time. When it came time for her nap, she took her bottle for a bit then went right to sleep. ^_^

By looloo On 02/09/04  

good, I'm glad...I don't know, but i think that the hardest part about being a mom is the moments when it is not in your control!

By MojoMama On 02/10/04  

oh me too! my son will start preschool in the fall. he'll be in special needs school, so I am crazy nervous about him being away from me. how will anyone else be able to read his signs? how will he be able to communicate with them? what if he needs something & no one can figure out what he wants(I still have this problem and I'm his mother!!)It is all so stressful and it's still like 6 months away!!!!
I'm glad other people stress about this too because some other moms I've talked to were excited their kids were going to school - glad to have time to themselves again maybe?

By wisheveled On 02/10/04  

If I only knew if she was having fun, and that someone was responding to her needs-hunger, a smile?

7 months now, and I still want to put on a blonde wig and a big overcoat and spend the day there seeing if she's okay.

I do sneak in and observe a few minutes when I pick her up, and she seems okay.

But I wish since she has to go, that she'd learn something there like songs or colors.

And I waste a lot of energy each day trying to think if there's a way I could do all this better.

By kittyroc On 02/12/04  

I wanted to know how my girl was doing at school too so I gave her teacher a disposable camera so that she could capture some moments of Ariana's first week of school. Her teacher was so excited and said that the camera was such a good idea. I did the same thing with my son when he first started and liked how I could see that he was really enjoying school. I can't wait to see my daughter's pics!

By cackalackie On 02/16/04  

That's such a cute idea - the disposable camera.

Not only did my baby just start day care a month ago (at 12 weeks), but my other daughter is (also) starting kindergarten in the fall. Mind you, the elder has been in day care all her life (since 12 weeks), and we've called it school since she was 2. And this last year has officially been pre-school. So we're just really excited about it. She loves to learn - and interact with her friends. I'd be surprised if she doesn't love it.

But our big milestone - since you asked: tonight, for the first time, we moved the baby into her crib in her big sister's room. She's been sleeping in a bassinet in our room since she was born. So far so good. They both went down at 8:00. That will be interesting to see how they get on...if the baby makes those grunting noises and if her sister can sleep through it. And then in the morning - I usually wake the baby 15 mintues before the elder one comes downstairs for her breakfast. Oh well - how exciting!

By Melynn On 02/18/04  

I have 2 older ones who already went through this, but I was an absolute mess. When they went to preschool it wasn't such a big deal because they rode a shuttle bus with kids that were thier own age. But when they went to regular school and rode the big yellow bus..Oh my God, it was horrible for me. It almsot made it worse that they were glad to go. That may sound terrible, but I really wanted them to need me! That bus came over the hill and I started crying. That was the first one. I didn't think I would with the second one, but I did. The bus came and I just wanted to throw myself in front of the tire and yell at them-you already took my daughter! You can't have my son too!-Ok a little dramatic, so I just stood on the sidewalk and cried.
My youngest starts preschool next year, he already has a backpack and can't wait. I'm tearing up already.


By cackalackie On 02/19/04  

See, I'm excited about her starting proper school. But I can't bear the thought of her taking the school bus! That is just too much!

By Melynn On 02/21/04  

After awhile it isn't so bad. My daughter's babysitters all rode the bus and they helped to keep an eye on her. So that helped, but it was just the thought of my baby on that big bus with all those big kids.


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