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By Cadence On 02/08/04  

I would consider this crafty even though it's not really in a physical glue and glitter kind of way...
Lately I've been really interested in song writing (lyrics) and poetry. I write a lot of stuff down but I was wondering if you folks had any advice for writing (espically song lyrics) such as format, flow, etc. I really am doing everything "blindly" but would like to get a better understanding of how to structure songs and poetry. Links, suggestions, advice, books, inspiration, anything would be great...thanks in advance :)


By Lydia On 02/08/04  

poetry, lyrics included, is such a personal thing. if you start thinking about what you're "supposed" to be doing, you'll crumble. if you want to know more about what other people do, just start reading more. pay attention to the format, flow, different rhyme schemes and meter. see how different poets use metaphor and symbol. or get a book of poetic criticism from the library.

By kategirl On 02/08/04  

I write tons of poetry. unfortunitly, the only real advice I have is not to push it. you can't force something great to come out. that being said, write! write all the time, everything you think of, even if it's crap. sometimes the crap can really spur on the great stuff. and don't feel constrained by rules. just do what you feel. good luck! :)

By heiress On 02/13/04  

It's really hard to do. It takes me forever to write songs. I kind of blend all the poetry I've written when I realize it's the same thread and always end up adding more as I'm writing it. There's no right way. Just do it without thinking, if you can.

ETA: I'd like to add that it's hard for ME. It comes very easily to other people.

By jesskbg On 02/13/04  

With song writing, it really depends on what you want to get out of it. If it's just for your own personal peace of mind, then do what feels right. It's your song and that's that. If you're looking to go into "the biz", then you need to do some research on your particular style. You could take out some books from the library for that sort of thing.

The only book I would definately recommend is "Counterpoint (4th edition)" by Kent Kennon. It kind of gives you a background of music and where it came from, etc... I had to read it for one of my music theory class. After that, I found the song writing process much easier.

Good Luck.

By Cadence On 02/13/04  

ok, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the difference between a poem and a song is (other than one is put to music).

By jesskbg On 03/29/04  

I think you nailed it. Song writing is free poetry set to music.

Look at Jim Morrison and The Doors. All of those lyrics came from Jim Morrison's poetry. It's such a free form of expression, you're pretty much able to do what you like and flows nicely for you.

When I write song lyrics, it always starts out as a poem.

By hello_kitten On 03/27/04  

i don't know the difference, but i would like to, so bump!

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