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By divasteph On 02/05/04  

I am not an everyday poster over here I am normally hanging at but i thought i would come in and talk just a little about the Craft Group / SnB in Atlanta, GA.

We are a group of about 20 people (we had our first meeting last night and there were 5 however there has been a large interest so i assume we will see more as the weeks go by) we are going to start meeting 2 times a month.
For right now we are sponsored by Michael's of Dunwoody which is providing the location, my company Violet Designs which is organizing it, providing web space, and snacks, and Sublime Stitching which is providing some materials.

I had a great time with those that came out -I know at least 1 of them is a member of this board so i wanted to thank you kate and i can't wait for the next time --- I am pondering the 18th or 25th (the 25th is Ash Wed - do you think that will effect anyone?). The pictures from last night are up on the "site"

here is a little taste...

Please contact me with suggests and comments on what you thought of last night - I really enjoyed it!

If you would like to participate please send me the following questionnaire with your info..

Atlanta Crafting Group Questionnaire
What day of the week is best for you:
What days are horrible for you:
What times are good:
What area of town do you live in:
What area of town is most convenient for meeting:
What is a reasonable supply fee:
What sorts of crafts do you specialize in:
What other crafts do you enjoy making:
Would you feel comfortable teaching your crafts to others:|
What would you like to learn to do:
Would you rather meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly:
Do you belong to any online or offline crafting communities or groups:
What profession are you in:
Any additional information:

thanks xoxo

By divasteph On 02/13/04  

Our next meeting (not 100% - have to still check with the location) should be on Feb 25th -we will be doing embroidery (learning and teaching --- sponsored by sublime stitching)--
if you are interested email me

By divasteph On 02/20/04  

ok guys -
it is definate - we are on for this wed - fun starts at 7pm - but i will be there starting at 6pm setting up and what not --- so if you want to come early and help or hang out - just let me know!

*will be calling and sending out official invites soon!*

By divasteph On 02/23/04  

we are having another meeting same place - same time on wed night!!!

you need to bring emboidery floss, something light colored to embroider (pillowcase, towel, napkin, shirt, purse) needles, embroidery hoop 4-8 inch is fine, or $10 if you cannot pre-purchase or don't have these things already - please rsvp to or 770-374-8506

also bring something you have been working on lately for show and tell!

look forward to seeing you on wed at 7 at the michael's in dunwoody

more info at the site >


By divasteph On 03/10/04  

Third Meeting
Date: Tuesday. March 16, 2004
Time: 7:00 pm
Caribou Coffee
4520 Roswell Road, (404)-303-8244
(Sandy Springs Area)
RSVP: To Stephanie at or 770-374-8506

To Learn, Network, Make Friends, and Have Fun – In an Artsy Environment

Projects This Meeting:
Subversive Cross Stitch 101
Susan’s B’day Celebration
St. Patty Celebration
Show and Tell (whatever crafty thing you are working on)

What to Bring:
---This week I can't bring kits - so if someone else would like to bring extras - that would be fabulous!---
Everyone will receive instruction sheets

* Cross Stitch Material ( 14 count, white approximately a 6' x 9" piece per person; you can buy a 12" x 18" in a
package for about $1.50-2.00 and use it for 4 people if you get 5" hoops (if
they only have larger hoops, you can just split the material in two.)
*Embroidery Needles, size 24. (Sometimes called tapestry needles)
*Embroidery Hoops (5" size is best. or if you need to buy a larger size,
that's fine. Just make sure you cut your material to be an inch or so larger
than the hoop)
*Thread: cotton six-strand embroidery thread.

By divasteph On 03/17/04  

pictures from last nights group are up on the site


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