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By pastel On 02/05/04  

Hi! I am going to Paris, France in the end of march, just for a couple of days, but still! I have found a place to stay and everything, but I want to find cheap and good places to eat. Does anyone have any tips for me?

By monkeyrocker On 02/24/04  

I'm going to bump this thread since I, also, am going to be in Paris in late March/early April for a few days. I've got a place to stay and if my meals aren't covered, I'll probably just cook for myself, although if you know any stellar, not to be missed restaurants, I'm willing to splurge.

I've been to Paris before and done a round of the touristy stuff--I'm a big fan of museums, so I may hit one or two of the smaller ones, but I'm interested more in flea markets, bars, cafes, music venues, contemporary art galleries etc. this time around. So far my plans are pretty minimal (I think a stop at Colette is the only thing on my to-do list...maybe the Picasso museum one morning). Any advice? Areas to check out? Websites to look at?

I'll probably hit the ole' and look up the few French bands I know about...maybe the locations of the venues where they play will give me an idea of which areas to check out? I don't know...any guidance would be appreciated.

By Knittinator On 02/24/04  

its not really about food but maybe this htread will help anyway?

good luck!


By monkeyrocker On 02/24/04  

I almost ressurected that thread...very good suggestions there, although I admit I'm not much of a rollerblader.

Edit: ooh, hey, I have another question. Do people tip for drinks in Paris and if so, what's the rate? I've heard that tip is included in the meal when in a restaurant, but I didn't know about bars...

By lililamalice On 02/24/04  

for contemporary art, you should check out Le Palais de Tokyo. It's open noon till midnight so it's a good place to go after all the other museums are closed. Great bookstore inside too.
We the French people usually don't tip. the waitresses get decent wages and don't count on tips to make a living. However, you can leave a tip if the service as been very nice, or if you've been a tough customer (aka you broke, spilled something, demanded lots of attention). There is no rule about tiping. 1 euro for a drink would be considered good. (I've worked as a waitress).
It's hard to advice any good places to eat at, because when in Paris one doesn't usually want to go across the city to find that special adress.Maybe you know of a specific quartier of Paris you'll be visiting? Plus being a vegeterian, I'm not very aware of the good, french typed eataries that serve meat.
That wasn't very usefull was it?
However if you have any other concerns about french customs I'd be happy to help.

By monkeyrocker On 02/27/04  

Merci pour votre conseil, Lililamalice!

I'm relieved to get an answer to the tipping question...I hate being the stereotypical rude American and stepping all over another culture's customs.

Thank you for the suggestion of Le Palais de Tokyo--I read the website and the exhibitions scheduled look really great.

I think the place I'm staying in is near L'Opera. I'll have to double check with the friend I'm staying with.

By geemers On 03/15/04  

I am pumping/hijacking this thread just a little. I might have the opportunity to visit Paris at the end on March also...yah thatís in a week or so. I would only be able to go for 4 days.
My question is whets the best quartier of Paris (thatís like the part of the city...right?!?) to stay in. Thatís cheap, nice & quite + close to the good stuff or at least easily accessible? yeah I know I want it all!
Thanks much
Keeping my fingers crossed that the plane empties up a little.

By Knittinator On 03/15/04  

Hey! Im at work so I dont have a lot of time but my frien lauren has some links from our paris trip on her blog ( if you go to Paris you HAVE to go to the erotic museum!!!!!!!

Check out nunzillas paris blog too:


By geemers On 03/15/04  

check. erotic museum on list of things to do! :)

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