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By loriann On 02/04/04  

I have just started visiting this site within the last month or so. I was just wondering if anyone was from Louisville, KY.

By jessy9 On 03/11/04  

Hey, I'm in Lexington!

By stinkycretingrl On 03/14/04  


By cafestyleracer On 03/14/04  

hey loriann

im in chicago at the moment but am currently looking to purchase a building in louisville.

i know some really cool girls there that have a stitch n bitch going on. 2 of them work at Lynn's, frequent places like nitty gritty, cherry bomb etc, if thats any indication of their artsyness and style. i can hook you up with them if you'd like. i'll join you guys when i'm there permanently :)

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