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By susan*s On 02/03/04  


I have added tons of crafty links this week, including everyone on the old thread who posted theirs:>
and I bumped it up too...

So I would love it if some of you guys wanted to trade links with me, or add mine if I already added yours. My site is -- jewelry, handbags, clothes, trinkets, and how-to ideas.

Post your site here if you haven't already!


edit: changed the title since it's April now! I'm going to be busy adding new links this week :)

By SewPrettyChick On 02/03/04  

Thanks for adding me,I love your site!
I'll add you on tonight when I update.

By SewPrettyChick On 02/03/04  

Thanks for adding me,I love your site!
I'll add you on tonight when I update.

By funkyutopia On 02/03/04  

thanks for posting this again susan! i never posted on the old thread... i have to add a few still, but i think i have most.

i'll add your site tonight susan, as well as all the others listed. here is mine -

funky utopia designs>

thanks!! :)

By cinnachick On 02/03/04  

I'll add yours and everyone else's too. I'm in the process of redesigning my website so it may take awhile, but I will definitely post just about everyone.


By funkyutopia On 02/04/04  

whew! i said i was going to add some links that i thought i had missed from the previous post... but man, i missed more than i thought!

anyway, i just added your site susan and cinnachick and sewpretty. PLuS 16 sites from the other post to my links page!! so, glitter gals & guys... please check it out, if i missed you email me and i'll add you as well!!

thanks! feel free to add mine :)>

promo swapping, link exchangin' junkie :)

By meandbdesign On 02/04/04  

I would love to exchange links, my sites are, and

By oldskoolgeek On 02/04/04  

I've missed out on the trading link threads before so I'll be happy to add you if you add me!

I'm planning on doing a major update this weekend since it's been over a month and will add all the links then hopefully.

By kelley On 02/04/04  

I'll add you too. Don't know why I didn't have you tucked in there already?! Thanks for adding me!


By amphoteric On 02/04/04  

i was on hiatus from glitter for aaages, so i missed previous link threads (although i've exchanged with a few people separately, and just linked others). not this one, though. :D

my site is (the business name is murmur, not murmur-joy) - i sell handmade cards, will eventually add handmade books, and am expanding into wedding/events stationery in the near future. based in ireland, shipping internationally.

i should be due for a links update in the next short while, so i'll be happy to add glitter business goodness!


By hiatus On 02/04/04  

Lisa -my screen name is hiatus and your post really confused me LOL!
anyway, I'm working on my links page today so I'll be adding you all.

Its great to see all the incredible work!


By alison rose On 02/04/04  

susan and everyone else,
i'd love to trade links with everyone! i'll add everyone from here tonight. i just made a huge update on my page, new bags, tshirts, journals,etc.. support each other!

By plainmabel On 02/04/04  

I've got most of you from this thread and the previous thread, but there are a few on here that I don't have so I'll add ya tonight! Yay!>

By biggerkrissy On 02/04/04  

will you all include me too?? i'm going to update tomorrow afternoon with all the crafy girls i don't already have!


(for what it's worth, it's biggerKrissy - one word. thanks again!)

By myrrh On 02/05/04  

I'm finally throwing my hat in the ring! My new site is up so hopefully today I can add a links section. So hope some of you will add me too! Thanks!


By Bumble V On 02/05/04  

Yay, more links! I'll be adding the ones I don't have later today. I think I have a serious addiction with trading links!


Edit: Just about to upload the new ones...thanks for the trade!

By copacetic On 02/05/04  

Bumble_V, i share your addiction! :)

i added all your fab sites to my links page! i'd love a link back, pretty please!!!

xo, janice>

By yardenxanthe On 02/05/04  

I linked everyone who has posted so far, unless I already have your link.

By funkyutopia On 02/06/04  

wow, keep the great sites coming! this is such a great way to support each other!!

i added all the new crafty sites, too! i'd love a link back, please, oh please :)

thanks, nicole

By bammie On 02/06/04  

I'm updating this weekend to add those who I haven't already. Thanks for the exchange ;)


I've added the following sites and hope I haven't missed any.
alison rose
Betsy Rae
funky uptopia
myrrh embraces

By myrrh On 02/06/04  

These threads are crazy-long! I added a slew of links yesterday and plan to get to adding everyone else this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who has linked me already!


By Gnome G On 02/06/04  

Fun! I will be updating my links page this weekend. Thanks everyone!!

By noodletherapy On 02/09/04  

as of now i don't have a links section, but that will be happening in the near future... email me if you want to trade links (email in profile, or email me through my site: )>

By jesskbg On 03/30/04  

Alright... I am going to be adding everyone I missed this week.



By amphoteric On 02/11/04  

thanks so much to everyone who's linked my site!

i know i'm really slow about it, but i'm just about to upload the updated links page - i think i've got everyone on this thread and most from the other, but i'll check back and get anyone i've missed soon.


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