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By ceebee On 02/02/04  

Has anyone heard of any job openings in Atlata lately. I just moved back here and I'm searching for probably an office job but really anything will do! Any ideas?

By divasteph On 02/06/04  

i wish you could take mine - LOL - i want out!!!

By ceebee On 02/12/04  

Oh, I know how much it sucks to hate your job, but stick with it--you can do it!--because it sucks even worse to not have one. But maybe your boss wouldn't even notice if I showed up and took your place!

By divasteph On 02/12/04  

I wish - soon - soon - i will never have to be here anymore....


By bunny On 02/16/04  

if i were you i'd take whatever you can get yr hands on--even if it's not office work or what you'd normally want. i know so many people who have gone months or even a year without a job and then finally ended up in retail (like me!) or in coffee shops.

i hate to be a big bummer but i'm just being realistic. good luck!

(oh, actually keep an eye out for real estate businesses. they often need non-licensed people to help out with things.)

By ceebee On 02/17/04  

this weekend I decided that I'm going to start looking for a retail/restaurant job. I actually like that kind of work better and was only looking for an office job to make more $$$. But atleast I'll have happiness anyway right. You are totally realistic and not a bummer at all. I got an email in response to a job I'd applied for working at Creative Loafing. They said over 400 people applied!!!!!!!
Where do you work Bunny?

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