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By BertiebotsRgood On 02/02/04  

I read some different links about Arizona crafters. I was just wondering how many do we really have and which parts of Arizona are you all in?

By Orange-peel On 02/02/04  

I'm in Flagstaff, but will be moving to Phoenix before the end of the year.
I'd LOVE to meet up with any crafters in the area!

By BertiebotsRgood On 02/02/04  

Cool! If there are enough of us... Maybe we can meet to do crafts once a month or something like that.

By Orange-peel On 02/02/04  

Sounds good to me!
And I know there are more glitter chicks around here.... speak up!

By InHarmsWay On 02/19/04  

I'm in Tucson and I would love to meet any glitterati in this area.

By super_nuova On 02/27/04  

I'm in Tucson...I never thought there was anyone from my neck of the woods around here.
Then again, this morning was the first time EVER that I've seen anyone knitting in public. I was superexcited about that, and then I had five or so other people ask me about my knitting in the course of the day. So unusal.


By InHarmsWay On 02/27/04  

Hey Jen.

Yea! Someone's in Tucson. I almost can't believe it. Do you do arts/crafts shows or the 4th ave. st. fair? If ya ever want to meet up and compare notes, I'm game.


By randomgirl On 02/19/04  

I'm in Tempe. We tried to have a get-together about a year or so ago, but it never really came together. But I'm all for giving it a go. Crafters unite!

By BertiebotsRgood On 03/01/04  

Awesome! That's a good amount of people. Someone should probably put this post on the larger section so more people can see it. I now craftychica is from AZ too!

By Orange-peel On 03/17/04  

bump, we have another crafty chick in Arizona!

By rawrlie On 03/25/04  

hey, just to let all you tucson kids know, the lounge hosts a stitch n' bitch every first and third friday of every month from 8-10 pm. i haven't gotten a chance to go yet, but i've heard it's been pretty good so far. they're located at 314 e. 6th street, right across the street from the muse.

By costumekitten On 03/31/04  

i live in orange county CA but im from phoenix. my bf and i are going to be buying a house in phoenix in a year or two and im really excited to move back! (i hated AZ while living there, but now i really miss it! and its sooo much cheaper than CA)

so if you all get a monthly meeting or something going, ill come and join you in a year or two! ;) or maybe if im home visiting. :)

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