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By Toast. On 01/28/04  

wow my very first post. how exciting.
umm.. okay so we've been trying to have a baby for five months now.. and nothing's happeneing.
i realise its a little soon to start panicking.. but i just thought someone might have some tips (positions.. herbal remedies.. diet changes etc)
i'm a seemingly healthy person and so is my partner. i'm 19 and he's 21.

By looloo On 01/29/04  

Relax. That is my suggestion. If you are tense you will have a harder chance. Plus, make sure you are having fun and that it does not become a chore.

Also, someone sent me this website and I did go by the calendar and after only a couple of months it finally worked.>

By jasmineT On 01/29/04  

Have you seen your Dr/midwife lately? You may want to just check that everything is okay before conception occurs. I don't think you should worry though until it's been a year. You could also start making sure you get enough folic acid through green leafy veggies or vitamins. Good Luck!

I just remembered something, so no offense if this doesn't relate to you guys but, I have heard that sperm lose their mobility if the man uses pot. Then again, plenty of our friends have never had this problem. (though they did quit after conception occurred)

By jaymelee On 01/29/04  

I highly recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. I guarantee you'll find oodles of helpful information in there to help you optimize your chances of conceiving. Good luck!

By MojoMama On 01/29/04  

I just carefully tracked my cycle & made sure to "try harder" when I knew I was ovulating. After that, it only took 3 months. But I agree with the other posts: relax, check with dr/midwife and wait awhile longer before getting worried. So many things can affect conception, so don't fret until you are sure you have something to worry about. Until then, have fun trying!
Best of luck to you!

By mspancakes On 01/29/04  

I don't know if this is something you've already tried, but after 9 months of trying (I'm 36), we finally we went out and bought an ovulation kit. That worked for me--I got pregnant the first time. Good will happen,

By sofrosyne On 02/01/04  

People always get preggers on vacation... I know it worked for me. Maybe plan a nice getaway while you are ovulating and hump like bunnies :)

By Toast. On 02/02/04  

thank you for all your advice...
my boy doesn't smoke pot ( but did all through his teens?), and well.. we've just had a two week vacation where we humped like bunnies... so hmm..
but yeah basically.. we have sex pretty much everyday.. somedays more than once.. and still nothing.
i'm going to my new doctor tommorrow (i've just moved towns), but from past experience doctors seem to think i'm too young to be thinking about babies anyway so don't take me all that seriously.
i'll keep you posted.

By looloo On 02/03/04  

I have to respond to that...what right do they have to say that you are too young? Whether to have a child or not is the biggest question you can ask yourself and it takes a lot of maturity to come to a conclusion.

I think I am too angry at your dr's to respond....

By jennymeg On 02/03/04  

I think a lot of people are unaware of their cycles (ovulation), because that's not something taught in school. They tend to *not* want to focus on when is the right time to get pregnant.

I think, what is it, 7 days after the end of your period is typically your ovulation period. You can't just get pregnant anytime of the month, so that's something to think about.

By jasmineT On 02/03/04  

I hope you get a great Dr who doesn't give you crap about the age thing. It is just as right and natural to have and want a child at 19 as it is at 29 or 39. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a child at any age. I've enjoyed having kids at an earlier age than most. My daughter kept me out of trouble as I finished college and gave me reason to complete my training quickly. We were still young enough to remember and value play. We don't freak out is the kids spill stuff on the furniture since they're hand me downs. When we will be able to finally afford nice things, we'll be able to keep them nice. When our kids are out of the house, we'll be young enough to wander around the globe. Hopefully, I 'll be able to know my grandkids and my great grandkids.

Keep trying and do what is right for you!

By hindsight2020 On 02/06/04  

I haven't had kids, but worked as a translator for an OBGYN in Honduras once. His advice to young women trying to conceive was to NOT hump like bunnies everyday. This can actually decrease the man's sperm count. He said not to have sex for about 3 days before you're ovulating, and then have sex a lot during the ovulation time. This 3-day break will build up the sperm and hopefully work for you.

By moondance1 On 02/09/04  

yup... don't hump like bunnies every day. You need to wait at least two days in between for your husbands sperm count to get back up.

Also, I would definitely reccommend charting your basal body temperature. The Tony Wenschler (or however you spell that)book is all about charting. It let me realize that I wasn't ovulating at all. I took an herb and BLAM! Pregnant in three months.

I used this website to help me chart.

Good luck.

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