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By MojoMama On 01/27/04  

hey out there in mom land,
I think I've posted about this before, but I need to ask again - how do you tell when you kiddo is really ready to potty train? My son is 2.5 and his newest thing is to shimmey out of all his clothes, especially his diaper and esp. when it's dirty. Is this the "sign" everyone keeps talking about? He has never been one to make a fuss when he's wet or dirty and even now he rarely tells me(and even when he does, it's usually not true). We've been practicing on the potty for about 2 months now with a few successes, but nothing consistent.
Any words of wisdom from those of you who have been there?

By wisheveled On 01/28/04  

No words of wisdom. I have a lot of concerns because my daughter has delayed large motor skills. She's 25 months and has been walking 4 months (WHOO HOO!!!) but I'm not sure how it all ties in.

She likes the potty and reading and pulling pants up and down but she seems afraid of having the free air in the center of the potty versus the solidity of a chair. She also is upset when I notice she's pooping and talk about it and change her instantly. She doesn't mind her diaper poopy or wet.

She does stay dry at night so I may try to sit her on the potty in the a.m. and I think I might try thick training panties to get her to notice what's happening.

Then she's at daycare where they change diapers on a schedule I don't know how that can work-also they send 2 year olds to the toilet by themselves.

By MojoMama On 01/29/04  

Hey my son was 20-21 months before he stared walking too! I thought I'd be carrying him forever. He's been delayed in everything. Literally everything. He was a preemie and although he is past so much of that stuff now, the delays still haunt us.

If your daughter is staying dry all night, then you are way ahead of me! I had to clean up the kiddo and all his bedding yesterday morning because of an ocean of pee that escaped him overnight. It was actually kinda funny in a way, but not so funny when thinking about potty training.

By jaymelee On 01/29/04  

My words of widsom would be to follow his lead. Talk to him about the potty and ask if he'd like to use it instead of his diaper.

Taking off wet/dirty diapers is not necessarily *the* sign, but it's often *a* sign. When my son started doing this, it was definitely the beginning for him. I started asking him regularly (maybe every hour or so) if he needed to go. Soon enough, he'd let me know when it was time.

By SmudgyCat On 01/29/04  

My bf's niece (Sadie) is sorta being potty trained? She was a preemie with health issues in the beginning, so she's lagged behind in physical growth.

Her mom is working with her, and Sadie just freaks out when she poops in her diapers. She screams and cries and won't let anyone near her. Her mom is really frustrated, because she has no idea what triggered this stuff.

My 3.5 yo cousin isn't potty trained either. Sometimes if you pick her up she'll pee on you for fun. So things could always be worse. :-D

By looloo On 01/29/04  

My daughter was freaked by pooping in the potty, I had to sit with her, rub her legs and have her sing the abc's...but it worked.

And yes, Mojo, I think the baby is on the first step, but as with them all, they will do it at their own pace!

By MojoMama On 01/29/04  

thanks you guys! seems I am over-obsessing about this, so I'll stop now. I know, as with everything else, he'll get there when he gets there! :)

By arden On 02/03/04  

You're right that he'll get there when he gets there but there are a few things you can to do make it more fun/interesting for him. I recommend a book or two about going potty (my daughter's favorite is "Once Upon A Potty"). Read it to him while he's sitting on his potty. Also, let him see you go and encourage him to sit on his potty while you're on yours. Also, nothing beats letting them run around sans diaper and asking them every 20 minutes or so. Good luck!

By SewPrettyChick On 02/03/04  

Good day to all!
this is my First post on this board, since I'm going through the same thing, had to reply..
I was trying to train my son for months when he decided on day ( a week shy of being three years old) that he did not wanted to wear a diaper anymore after that I never had any problems, he's never wet the bed at night either.
So now that my daughter is 2 1/2 I'm following the "when she is ready aproach", she uses the potty about 70% of the time and I don't offer her a diaper but if she asks for I'll put one on.
I wont take the diaper off at night until she is 100% trined during the day.
I do a lot of the asking every 15 minutes works.

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