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By rita0373 On 01/23/04  

Ok, I am going to a christening party this weekend but I need gift help. About a week ago I decided to knit a blanket, well, that didn't happen so I am trying to think of what to give. I mentioned to a friend I was going to give a gift and she flat out told me you don't give gifts for a christening, you give money. Well, I was most likely going to write a check anyway but it irked me.

Anyway, I guess the main question is gift or cash and if cash, how much. Thanks so much.

By SmudgyCat On 01/23/04  

I get confused between christenings and one religious and the other isn't, or are both religious, just from different religions?

For my little cousin's baptism, I gave her a nice card and a children's bible that was nicely illustrated and special. From my perspective, the baptism is done to bring a child into the parents religion, and any gift that aids in the religious training of the child is appropriate.

I think expecting money is tacky, personally. Is the child a boy or a girl? If you are open to buying things, maybe a necklace or bracelet for a girl? I favor giving gifts that are sentimental but also small and easily packed and stored. All I can think of for a boy is a pocketwatch, but that's kinda lame, I guess.

If you feel you must give cash, maybe find a cool picture frame and find a nice poem to go inside of the frame. Put a few crisp bills behind the poem or quote, and close it all up. I've done this for weddings; it satisfies my need to give something personal and useful.

By MojoMama On 01/24/04  

savings bond. satisfies the need to give cash, but isn't as tacky as actually bills. And, you never have to wonder if the kid actually got the $$$ because it is in their name & it always increases in value. Then you can still give a nice framed poem as mentioned in another post(which is a great idea by the way!)

By SkyPrincessJo On 01/26/04  

I recently gave a baptism present of one of those silver cups with the baby's name and birth date engraved. I had received one for my baptism and my mom had ones made later for my brother and sisters because they didn't get one. It's one of those keepsake things because it's not really a cup to drink out of.

I like the idea of the savings bond vs just cash if you want to do the money thing. I think amounts are entirely personal. May depend on your situation as well as how close you are to the people.

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