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By antarcticist On 01/22/04  

I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any SnB's or craft groups in Richmond, VA?

By Stinky On 01/22/04  

I'm in Newport News, and I don't know if diddly anywhere around here. Granted, you're an hour away, but still... =/

By antarcticist On 01/23/04  

yeah, so far my searches have turned up zilch. i'd organize one myself, but i'm not really at the place now where i can do such things.

By onetrickpony On 01/24/04  

Hi there antarcticist, it's so refreshing to see another Richmonder on these boards. I have not heard of any organized S'nB groups around here.

My sister and I were both thinking of starting some sort of small women's group though. This is just a thought (as of now).

We are both busy college students and it may prove difficult to organize something like this.

Are you a student too?

By antarcticist On 01/24/04  

no. i'm not a college student. i'm actually taking the year off from school.

i organized a feminist art collective a couple of years ago that died a year after it started. i'm not really in the place right now where i can organize. it's a bit more stress than i can take.

although this is richmond, code word for apathetic, so somebody has to take some initiative. we'll see.

By antarcticist On 01/30/04  

hey, i posted a similar thread on craftster, and got this reply:

+Actually, a friend of mine and I are working on organizing a SnB group that will probably meet in the West End. She normally reads follows this site religiously but is on vacation or I'm sure she would have responded by now. We're still trying to figure out the details (day/time/location) but should have that figured out within the next week or two. We'll be sure to post all the info here. Any suggestions on a good location? That's what we're having trouble with right now.+

you might have to cut & paste the thread url.>;action=display;threadid=1873

edited to add: i give up on trying to add html or board tags to this message. i hope anyone is not confused.

By onetrickpony On 01/31/04  

OOOOO, this is so exciting. I really don't have any suggestions for meeting locations. I would say my house but we have three dogs.

So what exactly do you think we will do if this SnB is formed? Are we going to all get together and craft? Can we do this at a resturant?

By antarcticist On 02/05/04  

my guess is everyone will bring their, uh, less bulky crafts along to work on them. i don't think i can bring my sewing machine with me, for example.

i think it could be done at a restaurant, it would just have to be a very easy going and laid back restaurant. most of the non-starbucks coffeeshops around here close around 5 or 6pm, so those may be out of the running. i suggested a library, since most libraries have meeting rooms for people. but i've only been to the main and belmont branches, i'm not sure about any of the other branches.

By FowlerJenn On 02/06/04  

Hello-I'm a lurker her :)

I'd also be interested in a S'n B. I'm down at Fort Lee. However I found a site called which is a site that arranges meetings for all sorts of groups-it's free, the site picks a day for all people under a topic around the world to meet (Feb 18 for knitting) and you log in with your zip and you can see if there is a group for your topic in that area. It only shows the top 25 topics, so you have to hit search topics down at the bottom and put "Knitting". (oops, just figured out you can just use -- no www) You don't actually have to join where it asks you to log in-just hit the member tab and you can see who has joined. The weird thing is that you join separately for each different meetup. Anyway, there are about 14 folks listed under Richmond Knitting, and the vote right now looks like it is going to be at the Easy Street Cafe. Apparently they haven't gotten together before-haven't had enough interested folks yet. I thought I'd try that out in the absence of an actual Stitch n Bitch.

But keep posting here about any other groups!


By luv2cats72 On 02/23/04  

I just posted this on, so I'll copy it here. . .

A friend and I have been talking about this for a few weeks, and we FINALLY got around to setting up an SnB meeting in Richmond!! Here's the scoop:

When: Tuesday, March 2nd, 6:30ish
Where: Baker's Crust at Short Pump Town Center in the West End--phone 377-9060

Yes, I got the manager's blessing on having the meeting there--this way, those who want to grab dinner there can; anyone else can show up a little later (there's always coffee & dessert, too!). They're willing to reserve a space for us if we decide to continue with a regular weekly meeting there.

If you plan to attend, PLEASE let me know so I can warn the restaurant in case we're a much bigger group than anticipated. You can e-mail me at

Hope to see you there!

By luv2cats72 On 03/04/04  

To all you Richmonders--our first night was so much fun, we're making our StitchnBitch meeting a regular thing.

Come out and join us any Tuesday night, 7-9PM (earlier if you want to eat first), at Baker's Crust in Short Pump Town Center (far West End). Look for the chicks with sticks. . . and yarn on the table.

You may also want to sign up for our Yahoo! group as well so you'll get any updates on meeting times/locations if they change. Go to to check us out.

Thanks--hope to see you soon!
Tara Burch

By lostin1derland On 03/21/04  

yay for richmonders on the board!

there's a bakers crust in short pump? i only knew about the carytown location

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