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By stargirley On 01/21/04  

Do any of you have blogs specifically for pregnancy? or are you registered on any pregnancy message boards that you enjoy. I'm trying to find a more active prgnancy message board, but I just keep finding all these medical web sites everytime i try yo search. If any of you know of one that is tried and true, please provide a link. Thank you ahead of time.

By jane_bond On 01/21/04  

I hang out at a breastfeeding webboard ( - see Forums). There are many moms there who are curently pregnant and the advice and companionship is amazing. I highly reccommend it.

We blogged our entire pregnancy. We tracked what was going on with baby, what was going on in our lives and tried to give an ancestral perspective by honouring all the babies that went before us. You can read it at: . The newer stuff, chronicalling our life with the new baby, is at but I haven't had a chance to update since August - tho I will be getting on it in a few days.


By fairyglitterbug On 01/21/04  

Mostly I like more natural parenting message boards-

here are some other more mainstream ones:

I think ivillage has some as well HTH!

By jennymeg On 01/23/04 is back up and seems to be ALL blog entries and articles, but many are extremely well written. I think they did away with the message boards.

By fairyglitterbug On 01/23/04  

Yeah they did away with the message boards a while ago the there was another site started by someone and that went kuput too! A lot of the women can be found on mothering or aw though!

By wendyland On 01/23/04  

I spent my whole pregnancy & beyond at ivillage. I like it because a lot of people post there & there are a lot of view points & advice. Some moms there go the natural route & some want to be medicated before they even get to the hospital. I like the variety.

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