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By shelovesstars On 01/21/04  

i wondered how many english girlies belonged to the board?

hana x

By princess_becca On 01/28/04  

well theres me!

By shelovesstars On 01/29/04  

nice to meet you :) I was hoping there would be a few of us!

By acechick On 02/12/04  

we're about!

Try looking at for some london-based fun.

But I find english kiddies aren't as social WRT SnBs. Most attendees are ex-pats (like me). No probs, tho!

By melissabee On 02/13/04  

i'm a yank living in london at the moment...i'd love to meet up with crafty girlies cuz as it is i just have my boy to hang out with here...he's nice and all but his eyes kind of glaze over when i start talking about my next knitting project. :)

By shelovesstars On 02/17/04  

thank you :) I've just started to knit actually!

By spookle_t On 02/17/04  

There are quite a few of us! I'm in Liverpool, and here's a recent thread from la vida crafty board about it!

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