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By schadenfreude On 01/20/04  

I've felted a bunch of sweaters in my day, but never one made of cashmere, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it.

It's a really ugly day-glo red (and I say that as a person who likes bright reds) and it's starting to pill up. I gather it's pretty cheap quality, since regularly wear a 35 year old cashmere cardigan that never sheds or pills. I figure felting will be my best chance at making something interesting out of the material.

But will it work?

By myelin On 01/20/04  

I've never actually felted cashmere, but since it's an animal fiber, I think it would felt just fine. If it's 100% cashmere, that is.

By jenabug On 01/20/04  

i have felted cashmere and angora, and it's really quite lovely. i always try for the soft and cozy choice first. i have not washed multiple times to see how tight and "felty" it can get, because i'm really just going for the non-fray. just try it--what's the worst that can happen??


By eakircher On 01/21/04  

I've felted cashmere/wool blends as well as angora/wool blends and they came out great.
What are you going to make from it? I've made a few pillows from felted sweaters and i'm working on a patchwork blanket made from felted sweaters.

By schadenfreude On 01/21/04  

Thanks, everybody. I haven't decided what I'm going to make out of it yet... probably a small bag or something like that-- it's way too bright to be any sort of home-decor item.

Funny that you mention the patchwork blanket, eakircher- I've been collecting and felting up sweaters in preparation for a patchwork rug. As long as I actually complete it....

By jenabug On 01/21/04  

i used the angora for a patchwork scarf with fleece on the other side--a little too fluffy, but ooooooooo cozy

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