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By Peachy On 01/19/04  

I would be grateful for any diaper advice. I know there was in depth discussion on cloth diapers a couple of months ago but I am still confused. Here are my questions:

1. How many diapers do I need?
2. How many diaper covers?
3. Do I use something different at night?
4. What sort of detergent should I wash the diapers in?
5. Aren't polar fleece covers too hot for summer, will they cause rashes? (I am allergic to wool so I think I'll avoid using it with the babe.)
6. Is there a brand you've had good or bad luck with?

By originalcyn On 01/20/04  

The best place for info on cloth diapering I have found is <A HREF=""> </A>
They have FAQs with quantities, washing instructions, everything you need to know. PLUS the product reviews are great! You can avoid wasting your money on useless products and gain a lot of valuable information. I mostly make my own diapers now as it is very easy if you can sew at all, but I do sometimes buy on ebay if the price is good and they have good reviews on diaperpin.
If you are breastfeeding I recommend fitted diapers with covers for the first few months. I had lots of blowouts using prefolds until my dd started on solids. Now I use mostly pockets and AIOs for convenience. Also, HEMP is definitely worth the extra money. It is way more absorbent than cotton and also anti-bacterial. But I also make diapers using my old flannel bathrobes and t-shirts and they work fine too. For overnight, I use hemp diapers and wool covers or other breathable covers. Tight cotton jammies increase the probability of wicking/leaking, while loose fleece jammies seem to be better. Tight onesies or tight clothing during the day can also cause wicking/leaking.
Keep in mind that any diaper system will leak if not changed regularly. At daycare, they change diapers every 90 minutes, and that is for disposables too. So I change diapers that frequently too if I can, even though many diapers and AIOs can go longer. When you have fun colored and printed diapers it is not such a chore!
We had some rough times with the cloth diapers in the early days (the diaper service diapers didn't work very well for us), but now at 10 months it is much easier and so worth it! Just keep trying different styles and brands until you find what works best for your baby's shape and wetting style. I bought several mixed lots on ebay while figuring out what I liked. Just resell what doesn't work for you. Good luck!

By fairyglitterbug On 01/21/04 has a wonderful cloth diapering board! I made all of my own dipes so I can't tell ya anything about which brands. Fleece covers are actually pretty breathable and mostly what I used. How many you need depends on how often you will wash. I washed daily so I think I had about 12-15, 6 covers??? HTH!

By moondance1 On 01/22/04  

When Eli was 7-9 lbs I had made 15 honeyboys (fleece covered) all in ones and thought they were great EXCEPT with only 15 I was washing them every day. The tabs started falling apart after 40-50 washes. Don't know if thats a lot of washes but I don't think so. Part of the problem was the lack of washing tabs on a lot of them. Don't even bother getting diapers that use velcro unless they have washing tabs. (little spots of soft velcro that you can use to stick the spiny velcro to so everything doesn't stick to it).

Now I use a mix of 30 cuddlebuns and homemade motherease knock offs. I really like both of them and have had more poopy blowouts with disposables than either of the cloth diapers. I don't use covers at home. I also have some kushies AIO that are pretty good but they are awfully bulky.

I use disposables at night.

I live in Florida and haven't had any problems with polar fleece covers but I haven't used them much either.

hope that helps a little.


By fairyglitterbug On 01/22/04  

Yeah I always used pins- because they are more adjustable and also my kiddo couldn't get out of them LOL!!! I liked my system because I used a separate cover and diaper and inserts so everything came apart when washing and made for faster drying times too!

By jjfantastic On 01/22/04  

>1. How many diapers do I need?

depends on how often you want to do laundry. i've heard of infants that only poop once a week. if that were the case, you could get 12 fuzzibunz or happy heinys and do laundry every other day probably. if you have a poopmachine like me, you'd be doing it daily. well he's slowed down to 1-2 times a day now, but man oh man did he poop alot the first few months.

now we've got 12 motherease one-size diapers with 6 snap-in stay-dry liners, 7 happy heinys, 3 harleez diapeez pocket diaps, 3 kissaluvs fitted, 3 motherease sandys fitted, a bummis super whisper wrap, 2 motherease airflow covers, a sugarbums fleece cover, 2 prowrap AIOs, and a freshies AIO. i do laundry about every third day though i have enough diapers to go longer than that - but i wouldn't want to let them sit for more than that! (and just so no one thinks i went totally crazy on diaper buying, i inherited all the motherease gear from my sister-in-law for free!)

>2. How many diaper covers?

you *could* get by with 2 - one to use when the other one is wet/poopy, but i'd say you'd want at least 3, if not 4 or 5.

>3. Do I use something different at night?

I save the happy heinys for DH to use - he doesn't like snaps or covers. they're the closest to a disposable. i double up on the inserts (microterry towels and hemp fleece that i ordered online cut into 12x15 rectangles that i fold into four layers) at night and can go about 10 hours before he starts to leak a little. he's a pretty heavy wetter these days.

>4. What sort of detergent should I wash the diapers in?

depends on the diapers. if you have fuzzibunz or happy heinys, you should NOT use a free&clear detergent because it will cause the fleece to repel instead of wicking through to the inserts. something like tide or the cheapo costco brand works fine. if you don't have fleece pocket diaps, you can use a free&clear detergent and should be fine. don't use dreft.

we don't have sensitive skin around here, so i just use the tide/kirkland regular detergent for all our laundry, diapers and clothes.

there are discussions galore about how to wash/what to wash in on the boards

>5. Aren't polar fleece covers too hot for summer, will they cause rashes? (I am allergic to wool so I think I'll avoid using it with the babe.)

i didn't have my sugarbums polarfleece cover in the summer but it's a pretty light fleece - it's malden mills windpro. i don't think there'd be a problem with it in the summer.

>6. Is there a brand you've had good or bad luck with?

i like everything we're using so far. the ME one size were way too big on milo until he was about 4 months old, so i don't know that i'd truly say they're one size fits all. i *could* have used them, but they were way bulky and no clothes would fit over them. i really like the happy heinys - i had some poopy blowouts with them at first but it's 'cos milo was still too small for the mediums when i ordered them. since he got a bit bigger, i've had no problems.

good luck! has/had a sample package where you can get several different types of diapers to try 'em out.

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