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By chicgirl On 01/18/04  

there is an old link about sewing your own baby sling or carrier.
i was wondering if anyone knew specific measurements- length, width of fabric or knew where i could find a pattern?
from the old link i've gathered that i will need a yard and a half of fabric.

By SmudgyCat On 01/18/04 has a pattern. it's kinda confusing when you first look at it, so play around with the fabric, rings, and pins before you sew it together.

most yardage at joannes is good for slings. i usually get the quilters fabric becuase it's 100% cotton. make sure you prewash. you might also want to double check the yardage...i seem to recall needing 2.5 yards, but i could be wrong (for the adjustable baby sling).

By jane_bond On 01/19/04  

3 yards max is about all you'll need. But you can easily have enough length with 2 yards - esp if you are a thinner gal. Fabric usually comes 45" wide. You'll need to cut that down to 36" and hem it up that side. Believe me, you don't want it any wider - it's plenty of fabric for baby and any more will make it harder to sort out in the rings when you are adjusting.

I like the "hotdog" fold in this pattern. Basically, you take the end you'll be sewing around the rings and lay it out. Fold the two sides into the centre and keep folding them in to the centre until you have about a 6" wide piece that resembles a centre-cut flattened hotdog. Pin the sides down so you can manipulate them. Take the end and put it through both rings and then draw it back down onto itself so that the rings are about 6" up from the end. Then sew the rings into the fabric by starting with stitching straight across the bottom of the folded bit. To make a super strong stitch, sew a box and then sew an X through the box. Hem the other end of the sling and you're good to go!

Here is a link for you:

By jjfantastic On 01/19/04  

i *just* made a sling from the maya wrap pattern this weekend and didn't find it confusing at all. this was only the 2nd thing i've *ever* sewn. i bought 2-1/2 yards of cotton twill with a teensy bit of lycra in it. used 2-1/4 for the sling and used the extra to make a pocket on the tail. got my rings from it turned out really nicely if i do say so myself! i'm quite proud of it.

there are links to all sorts of babycarrier instructions here:> - also at

edited to add: come to think of it, the maya wrap pattern might have been more confusing if i hadn't had an actual maya wrap that i borrowed from a friend in front of me to consult occasionally. so yes, pin things before actually sewing it!

By selina-k On 01/20/04  

gosh, thanks for that link! it hadn't occured to me
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(I had been dying $15.00 white nursing bras from other colors
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