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By stargirley On 01/16/04  

Hey there. i need to know these things now so i can get started buying a little at a time so I don't go broke. I know Old Navy has some cute stuff, esp. for work. But I just thought some of you might know where to shop for a little more alternative style of Maternity clothes. so i don't look like a GAP maternity add, or look like I dress from a "maternity wardrobe in a box" type thing. Please help if you know of any places. Thank you in advance.

By Eva666 On 01/16/04 has some really nice basics that are good for mixing & matching and not overly cutesy. not as cheap as old navy but their sale stuff is great and i was able to use most items during that transition time post-pregnancy.

and heres a site that has *tons* of links for great alternative baby clothes and probably some maternity..


By jennymeg On 01/17/04  

DON'T BUY LIZ LANG at Target!! It will shrink when you wash it and before you know it your gut is hanging out the bottom. I've returned just about everything I've bought, except for the ones that were Christmas gifts and had no receipt. It's CUTE stuff, therefore, tempting, but you've been warned . . . :-)

I've been pretty happy with Old Navy so far. Note that the jeans also shrink a lot, so if your normally wear regular, get the long length. Their sales are good.

And as for Target, some of the In Due Time stuff is ok, just not Liz Lang. Oh, did I say that already?

Um...but if you don't plan on saving your clothes post-pregnancy, name-brand maternity (ie, GAP) seems to do VERY well on Ebay. Just something to think about as far as getting a return on your investment.

ETA - No recs regarding alternative. I just try to tough it out with whatever looks normal and not fru-fru. Maybe you could alter some size XL tops by reducing the sleeves and upper bodice. I have had some luck with that. If you find a maternity shirt with a cut you like, just use it as a go-by.

And I've never actually seen maternity clothes on Punkymom's list. My business is listed there (YAY!), though.

By craftykatie On 01/17/04 and both have some cute clothes, although they can be pretty pricey as well.

By blissed On 01/17/04  

It's not cheap, but Japanese Weekend has some fun flirty stuff. My husband splurged on a few items on sale there, and it's been awesome having a few cool, pretty things to break up the ho-hum maternity monotony. They're at; I've seen some of their stuff discounted at Buying basics dirt cheap on sale at Old Navy and the Gap helped free up cash for the nicer stuff. If you sew, or have a friend willing to sew for you, there are some simple patterns out there that can be funky with the right fabric.

By MojoMama On 01/17/04  

hey I just saw a big 'maternity' section at Ross. I didn't really look(because I'm not expecting), but I've found lots & lots of really great bargains on nicer stuff there. Maybe you could too? I really tried to shop the outlets too, that way I could take something with a hole or makeup on it(ie deeply discounted and damaged) and turn it into something cool! Borrowing is always nice too. You'll be surprised what cool stuff other people have.
Good luck!

By Auntart On 01/17/04  

Ebay is the way to go. I have a few things listed right now for cheap....I just need to clear out these closets and I was one of those preggo women who bought way too many maternity clothes...I barely wore any of them cause I was my biggest in july and august and I literally lived in a sarong in my air conditioned house. ha ha! Anyway my ebay id is Auntart. you can do a search by seller. my biggest buy basics...and then use accories(sp?) to make it funky and fun. all the best.

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