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By Auntart On 01/15/04  

Hi... I am new to the board and new to seattle and a new mom. Hubby and I just moved cross country from NYC to Seattle. We don't really know anyone here...and I can't figure out where all the moms are hiding. Does anyone know of mommy meetups? Are there neighborhoods that are better for new parents than others? We currently live in Fremont, and we love it but there aren't many parents. We'd like to be in a neighborhood where we would see more strollers on the sidewalks and maybe have a coffee shop that has a mom meetup/playdate kind of thing. Any advice on where I could find this info?? Thanks!

By LeslieD On 01/16/04  

Hi - I'm in Seattle and a new mom as well. My husband and I live on Capitol Hill. I've hung out in Fremont and had some conversations with parents in the PCC. Try hanging out by the deli and you might have some friendly encounters. My daughter was crying which allowed me to have eye contact with some of the parents to begin with! You might also get in touch with a PEPs group - you can sign up online and they will put you in a group of parents in your neighborhood. Have you heard of PEPs? How old is your baby? I have been going to a meeting twice a week called First Weeks - the mtgs are led by a nurse/lactation consultant and cost $5 suggested donation - they're for parents of babies up to 13 weeks old. They are a great opportunity to connect with other parents from all over the city and to get advice/commisseration. The # for the First Weeks meetings is 328-0910 - Montlake Community Family and Birth Center. I'd love to meet you sometime! I'm hoping to attend a Church of Craft meeting with my daughter sometime soon as well.

By gee On 01/16/04  

Greenlake is always a good spot to find mommies and strollers.

I've also heard that alot of moms and kids hang around U.Village. There's a little play area in the middle of the shops. So, its definitly a one stop shopping area. Grocery Store, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and lots of posh shops for mom to shop for her and her child.
It's a little yuppy for me...

My son is only 9m old, and we spent a lot of time at grandma's house. He needs more friends though.

By Auntart On 01/16/04  

Thanks for all the info. My son will be 5 months old on sunday. Wow time is flying by! I've never heard of peps but will most def' look into it. Also looking into the church of craft meeting. Maybe we could meet for coffee or email is
have a glorious day ladies.

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