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By moondance1 On 01/15/04  

My son (now 4 months) has had colic since he was 2 weeks old. It is excruciating. It got a little better after we switched him to nutramigen (hello 12 dollars a DAY) and he has quit shitting blood but the colic is still there. I was told that it improves for most babies after 3 months... well, not old Eli.

I get tons of advice from people that have not had kids with colic "run the vaccuum, put him on the dryer... always worked for my kids". Yeah. thanks. A quick shotgun blast to the head is looking like the most attractive option. "My kid didn't have COLIC but he'd cry... we could just put him under the mobile and he'd go right to sleep". FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!! Stuff like that overstimulates him so much that the shrieking and sweating will go on for HOURS (him, not me. I just sob).

RANT FINISHED although I could go on for days.

SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: Have any of you had kids with colic? When did it go away? Have you or anyone that you know gotten chiropractic care for your infant using an 'activator'. Apparently an activator is this little pogo stick looking thing that is really gentle. They don't use manual manipulations with their hands.

I am thinking very seriously about taking him. We don't have any family or friends here so I am alone (except for my husband, who has been awesome) and I am going INSANE. The thing is, I don't want to try something that could hurt him in any way.

Thanks for listening.


By MojoMama On 01/15/04  

Oh my, you are really frazzled! I know you are just dead tired, right? And no one gives you any advice worth a dime. I hate those parents, or even worse, people who doen't even have kids, who have no experience with colic who give advice. COLIC SUCKS!!! And that vacuum or dryer crap never worked. Sometimes driving around in the car did, but let's face it, I was so zonked that I probably shouldn't have been cruising around in the dead of night. My son had it for about a month, which is nothing compared to your misery, I know. I don't have any magic cure except to say that one day, it just was over. I don't know how or why, but it was. But before that, we took turns staying up with him, my mom had to come down because we were going crazy without sleep. It was so bad and exhausting and I know just what you mean about the shotgun.

Seems like Eli has had colic for a really long time. Is it just me or is that true? Everything I read when my son had it said it lasted for about 4-6 weeks, but maybe each kid is different? Have you asked his dr or whoever was helping with the GI stuff?

On a lighter note, my dad kept suggesting "whiskey nipples", meaning dip a pacifier in whiskey & then giving it to baby as a colic cure(similiar to gripe water). I never did it, but the name sounded like a bad stripper name and struck me as pretty dang hiliarious at about 3 am when he first made the suggestion.

I hope things get improve and I wish I had better advice for you. Maybe you can find a friend willing to come over for at least one night some you can get a full nights rest? Or get a family member to visit so you & your husband can get some sleep or away time? I bet you could really use it. Hang in there & let us know how things go,

By chicgirl On 01/18/04  

my input on activators, as im a chiropractor, is that it is completely non-invasive. basically, he/she will find areas of the spine that have muscle tension and use the device on the area. this is addressing the issue from a structural viewpoint though.
in my opinion, the issues are biochemical and eli could benefit more from homeopathy.
hope this helps...

By moondance1 On 01/22/04  

Thank you both for your help. As I went back and read my post I saw how horrible it sounded toward anyone that might help. Guess thats what being at your wits end will do.

Eli hasn't had another really bad day since I wrote that letter. It has been such a relief. Due to the colic I wasn't able to read his cues to know when he was sleepy or hungry. He was just FURIOUS at the drop of a hat. The last few days I have really been able to see 'tired' cues and 'hungry' cues. It is great! I know that we may have a few more setback days but most people say when colic is gone... it's gone.

Funny thing about the whiskey nipples. I had not gotten that one yet. A lot of 'sugar teat' though. Feed him seven up. EEEk. Didn't do it.

So to anyone who reads this: Thank you and I am sorry I was an ole' spiteful witch before.


By MojoMama On 01/22/04  

hey it's ok, we've all been there....don't feel bad one bit! It's hard when you are just so exhausted. I am glad things are looking up & hope the continue to get better!

By cackalackie On 01/30/04  

I'm glad to hear it's going better. (I don't have any advice.)

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