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By luckychere On 01/12/04  

Stands for Crafty Underground NeTwork. I know, har har.

So I posted in the SnB thread and thought I'd start a new thread since there's no response yet (and I'm antsy!) :)

My friend from LiveJournal and I have decided to officially start up a new crafty group. Not focusing just on knitting, but any sorts of (portable) crafts.

We'll meet rotating Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons, figuring that with frequency, a) more people will probably be able to attend one or the other, if not both and b) people won't lose interest since it won't just be a monthly thing!

First meeting is going to be at my house this Thursday, January 15th, from 7pm-9pm, in Lakeview. The next meeting will be at Heather's in Edgewater, Saturday January 24th at 3pm.

Basically, it'll be a cozy space to chat, work on a variety of projects, learn from each other, etc. We won't have any set projects to start off, so people can just bring whatever craftiness they'd like to work on. This group will sort of be an alternative to the standard knitting-focused SnB or the dictated project-driven type groups. We're playing this by ear, so far!

We created a Yahoo Group, so people can keep up with when the next meetings are, ask questions, whatever:

And for LiveJournalers, we also created a community on there:>
(I am, not surprisingly, luckychere on LJ as well)

And of course I'll post updates here.

So please consider joining us for some craftiness!! Email me if you've got any questions at luckychere @ There's also more info posted in the Yahoo group, including my address/phone number (didn't want to post that publicly on here...).

Hope some of you Chicago Gliterrati will be interested! :)


By luckychere On 01/14/04  

Just wanted to give this a little bump. First meeting is tomorrow! Sounds like we might have a few people interested so far. Baby steps. :)

By VoodooToaster On 01/16/04  

The first one was totally fun! I am so glad to get to know crafty people! =)

By luckychere On 01/16/04  

Yes!! I can't wait until the next one. What fun! :)

By Craftysloot On 01/18/04  

I'm in Chicago and would love to attend. I'm a total virgin to crafty stuff. I've made jewelry and scarves in the past and I do a *teeny* bit of painting. Looking forward to meeting up with some locals.

By luckychere On 01/19/04  

Fab! We'd love to have you. All levels of craftiness is welcome! Feel free to join the Yahoo group for more info, dates, reminders, etc. Our next meeting is going to be this coming Saturday the 24th at 3pm, up in Edgewater. :)

By dyejunkee On 01/19/04  

hi - i'm another chicago crafty girl. i just heard about the new club...sounds fun! i am gonna be in ohio the 24th, but maybe for the next one. i'll check the yahoo group for more info....i KNEW there had to be tons of crafty girls in the city, now i know where to find them ;)

By luckychere On 01/19/04  

Yay! You found us. :)

The next ones after the 24th are going to be Thursday the 29th and then Saturday February 7th. We'll post more info as we get closer!

By researchasaurus On 01/19/04  

Luckychere, I'm glad to hear it went well. Thanks for posting future dates...I will keep you in mind!


By pinkO On 01/19/04  

bah! you all wait until i leave!

i hate you all. :)

not really. i am just jealous. as i am in c-u i will have to be a cucunt. :)

By lustersoap On 01/19/04  

ahahah i am so in! i'll join the livejournal community as soon as the chef cluster goes back up (which my journal is on and i can't log into right now) - and i joined the yahoo! group in the meantime.

can't wait for the next meeting!

By luckychere On 01/19/04  

Fab! Love to have you guys. :)

(And aahhhh... now THAT is why I can't login to my LiveJournal!)

By luckychere On 01/26/04  

Hey ladies!

Just a reminder, the next one is this coming Thursday the 29th at 7pm, at my place in Lakeview.

By luckychere On 02/03/04  

Next up, Saturday the 7th at 3pm in Edgewater.

Join the Yahoo Group for more info. YAY for getting out and crafting in this !?@#$*&! weather!

By luckychere On 02/09/04  

Next reminder!

Coming up this Thursday, February 12th, 7pm at my apartment in Lakeview.

By luckychere On 02/18/04  

Ok kids, we're meeting again this Saturday, 3pm in Edgewater!

Join the Yahoo group (listed above) for more info. :)

By luckychere On 02/24/04  

Next up is this Thursday, February 26th, 7pm at my apartment in Lakeview!

By cafestyleracer On 02/24/04  

hey luckychere
i just joined and am up for the next meet if its cool with you guys.
i got some info from the group page but is there anything else i should know?
a bit about me -- im a 26f chi northside, super laidback, friendly, music freak, diy, travel addict, painter, nutty.

By luckychere On 02/25/04  

Hey- I replied to your post in the Yahoo group. To sum up: you'll fit right in! :)

By silvercrank On 03/02/04  

i think your group name is very misogynistic and insulting to all the creative women in you group. couldnt you have thought of something more creative? Misogyny is SO passe...

By luckychere On 03/02/04  

Sorry if you're a hater of the word cunt, but I hardly consider a bunch of women using the word cunt as misogynistic. I took back the word for myself eons ago, as did many people I know.


Incidentally, for anyone else reading this, next meeting is this Saturday at Heather's. I'll be out of town myself. :)

By luckychere On 03/09/04  

Hey everyone!

Next one is this Thursday, March 11th at my place in Lakeview. More info in the Yahoo group!

By luckychere On 03/17/04  

Heads up!!

This week's location has changed since Heather is out of town. Our Saturday, 3pm meeting on the 20th will be hosted by the lovely Jasmine, at her place in Rogers Park. She's posted directions in the Yahoo Group, so join if you haven't already! :)

By gnome On 03/17/04  

more power to you, luckychere- i think that choosing that acronym is a great act of reclaiming the cunt!

By luckychere On 03/22/04  

Thanks gnome, I think so too! :)

We're next on for this coming Thursday, everyone! My place in Lakeview, 7pm, same bat time, same bat channel.

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