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By DFR On 01/08/04  

I am new to knitting and would love to find some people to connect with and learn from. Are there any knitting groups in our area, specifically Tigard, Beaverton, Lake Oswego areas? Thank you.

By susan*s On 01/08/04  

I'm in NE portland, & a permanent beginner knitter, lots of scarves so far! I am on a yahoo group for knitters, that has quite a few westside members.

Also, there's a Church of Craft meeting on Sunday the 18th, in close-in SE. I'll post about that closer to the day of...

how are you holding up in the endless snow this week? I am so ready to get out of the house!!!


ps e-mail in profile, if you'd like :)

By BellaCoola On 01/12/04  

You might look into craft nights at the Nocturnal on SE Burnside. It's a cool venue that hosts all sorts of rad events. But craft night seems to be the biggest hit!

By instant glamour On 02/13/04  

Touchstone Coffee House is having a knitting night every Thursday (they are on 76 and Glisan) and Picasso Bead is having a craft night that we are going to on the 18th (Alberta Street) the owner of Picasso said that she originally thought it would be about beading but she's been bitten by the knitting bug so she wants to allow some "chicks with sticks" action as well. There's a new yarn store, "lint" near the Alberta neighborhood as well.

By angstmommy On 02/17/04  

I personally go to Twin Paradox on Tuesday nights and knit (it is in Sellwood). It is mostly just me or me and a friend of mine but anyone is welcomed to join.

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