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By sewfan On 01/08/04  

I've been in Pittsburgh for several years now and haven't been able to quite settle myself in.
If anyone lives here and is interested, I'd love to have someone to craft with.

By BubbleDragon On 01/08/04  

I'm not -in- Pittsburgh, but Greensburg is pretty close. Give me a message, email is:

sara (at) bubble (dash) dragon (dot) net


By palestar On 01/12/04  

aaahhh...i just moved from pittsburgh a few months i'll be dreaming of it tonight :)

By sewfan On 01/13/04  

And I, palestar, will be envying you...

By em On 01/13/04  

I have been in Pittsburgh for 1 year now and like you have not been able to make it feel like home just yet- originally from twin cities. SEnd an email if you'd like!

By kari-star On 02/24/04  

hey ladies, did y'all ever get together? I'm trying to convince some people to start a semiregular stitch'n'bitch, but if you kids have one already maybe I could make it to that one!

By loulou On 02/24/04  

I live in Pittsburgh and meet regularly with a small group of SnBers. Well, we usually meet once a week and it's only about five of us at a time. It's not a set thing though, it's more a relaxed, "Who wants to get together this week?" kind of thing.

I'd love to hang out somewhere else another time, and/or have y'all join us.

loupbj at yahoo dot com

By sewfan On 02/27/04  

We've met up a couple times to go estate sale shopping in the south hills area. We're going to one on March 6 in Mt Lebanon if you're interested. We go early so we can get the good stuff!
My email's if you want to email me. I'll let you know details when we work them out.

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