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By Peachy On 01/05/04  

I'm afraid this is a really shallow question but my baby is due in March and several people have suggested that we register somewhere for the baby shower. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to do this? Target seems okay, they even have cloth diapers. Any other ideas?

Also, any suggestions on what to register for? It seems like one can really go overboard with cutesey plasticy baby stuff. Yikes. I figure as long as it's got a place to sleep, diapers and a car seat we'll be okay.

Thank you!

By bratgirl On 01/05/04  

Target is always good.


Babies R Us
Pottery Barn Kids
Amazon allows wishlist that people can order from.

Hope that helps.


By jane_bond On 01/06/04  

Sears also has registries, if you have one around you.

I used a registry at sears and it was great - a lot of people will want to see if there is something you really want or need and not opt to buy random clothes or accessories, so I think it's a very good and practical idea.

Some things to consider putting on:

-a good breast pump (highend-electric: Pump In Style, lowend-manual: Avent Isis)
-a bouncy chair
-Baby Einstein DVDs
-a good baby carrier, preferably one that will convert from infacing to outfacing to backpack. Some will even convert to nursing cradle
- a Boppy style nursing pillow
- a good diaper bag, maybe a backpack style
-a good digital thermometer (you WILL use this a lot in the early months!)
-some specific toys like rattles and something with a mirror in it
-nursing tops if the store carries them (they'll be really handy in the early days when nursing discreetly is a little bit hard)
- a mirror for looking at baby while riding in the car (it attaches to the back seat to face baby so you can see them from the rearview or by turning around)
-mesh stroller/playpen cover for the summer
-portable things (whatever sort of baby stuff you get, likea swing or something, ask for the portable versions)
-a bed guard if you are co-sleeping

By looloo On 01/06/04  

To carry on where Jane left off...

an endless supply of wash clothes.
burpies, receiving blankets
one of those bulb type things for clearing noses...
if you decide to *ever* bottle feed, one of the bottle dish washing devices that contain all of the bits and pieces for the wash
crib sheets (at least 1 million)

Things that seem cool but are utterly useless:

wipes warmer (you can hold the wipe between your hand for about 10 seconds and get the same effect)
bottle warmer (leaves hot spots, might as well do it the old fashion way on the stove)
any other "ultra-convenient" device...I don't think these things were invented by a mom!

By jane_bond On 01/06/04  

wipes warmer! DS gets a kick out of a cold wipe on his pink bits. You should see his face!

Just thought I'd share ;)

By jjfantastic On 01/06/04  

yes, a place to sleep, diapers, and a car seat and you're good to go!

target does have cloth diapers but i wouldn't really recommend them being used as diapers...well the DSQ gerber prefolds aren't awful (i've seen those there once or twice), but if you're gonna go the prefold route, get some that are really absorbant, and some good covers, and you'll be much happier and probably more likely to stick with it.

we only have a couple crib sheets but he rarely actually sleeps in the co-sleeper so i don't have to change them that often. the Diaper Champ is great for holiding dirty cloth diapers as well as disposables (i put a nylon laundry bag in it for the cloth diapers and a trash bag for disposables). haven't needed to use a thermometer yet, but we've used lots of tylenol and motrin drops (teething) and mylican anti-gas drops. never used a wipe warmer - no place to plug one in near the changing station and no room for it anyway.

consignment shops have lots of the "gadgets" - exersaucers, johnny-jumpups, etc. both of those have been worth purchasing IMHO - allows me to put him down so i can fix dinner, check email, take a shower, etc. especially the jumper. my god he loves the jumper.

but the best $40 i spent was on my sling. actually in retrospect, i wish i'd gotten the kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouch instead of the new native baby carrier but the new native made more sense for summer. he never did like the baby bjorn, and the sling saved me on more occasions than i can count. he'd get fussy right around dinner, and i could put him in there, swing him around to my back, and keep cooking. and we'd go on walks and he'd fall asleep instantly. i still use it pretty much daily (not my new native though, but a fleece one my mom made me out of a blanket from costco)

as for where to register, i registered at babies-r-us (bleah, but accessible through too, so i listed bunches of kids books i wanted too) and made my own list of links through (diapers at, assorted stuff at, etc.)

By vespabelle On 01/07/04  

OT: A friend of mine just gave me 4 different carriers to sell on ebay for her. she finally settled on the Fleece Pouch!

We registered at Target. One of the big things we put on our list was a car seat. We mostly registered for practical things like baby wash, onesies, a portable phone (A bit silly but allows one to nurse and answer the phone!), etc...

By arden On 01/18/04  

You're not being shallow. Babies need stuff. They really do. has a registry & people who want to spend money will love to spend it there. Actually, the have okay sales and a really cool orange sling plus pumps, free shipping after $50, no tax, etc. (and it's run by moms, for what it's worth).

Consider registering a wish list on a bookstore's website. If you have the basics and wish to avoid the plastic stuff (put off the tacky inevitable as long as possible!) you could give your child a cool library to start off life right.


By arden On 01/18/04  

If you don't have a cd player or tape player in the room where the baby will sleep, you might consider registering for one. It's a nice thing to have while nursing/relaxing/resting--you'll love it and so will your babe.

By arden On 01/18/04  

Another schmanzy thing to register for are the natural baby bathing products. They're pricey but if you don't have to buy them, they make a great gift. Mustela makes nice, gentle products and there are quite a few organic brands out there, too. You want the mildest stuff you can get--babies have super-sensitive skin. You might also register for a diaper service, depending on your area. For the first few weeks, especially if you'll be nursing, it's hard to do laundry--even if you have a great support system.

By Peachy On 01/19/04  

Thank you all so much for the advice. I ended up registring (is that a word?) for some stuff at but it's kind of a fantasy wishlist. Luckily, we have quite a few friends who have had babies in the past few years and have plenty of hand-me-downs where the big stuff is concerned: crib, stroller, high chair, even a baby bjorn!!! Now my biggest is concern is cloth diapers. Wow, that's overwhelming territory.

By Auntart On 01/19/04  

I registered at babies r us too and loved it. Keep in mind that people will want to spend $$ on your little don't feel guilty about having high priced stuff on there.
Don't register for burb cloths or recieving blankets...people will buy them for you anyway. And if they don't they are super cheap to buy and even easy to make yourself.
Things that I wish we in retrospect...the fisher price infant to toddler rocker. I just bought it and my 5 month old loves it! It's great cause it is something that he will have from birth (if I bought it then) to 4 years old. Check it out at babies r us...skip the bouncy seat and go for this.
A maid service. This is something that I wish I had thought of before Logan arrived. After baby comes the last thing you want to do is clean...and people will tell you that they don't care what your house looks like...they just want to see baby...but I still felt the need to clean and pick up things before people arrived. And I wished that I had someone to come and do a good thorough cleaning that I was not physically able to do.
Books and CD's....register for parenting won't believe how many you read. And if you don't read them cover to cover they are great for reference when you start to freak out and wonder why he's doing what he's doing...whether that is screaming/crying/teething etc.
CD's...don't just get the kid stuff. Babies love music...classical to rock. I noticed that Logan would perfer music without lyrics. He loves tribal drums. A great one is called "The Planet Sleeps".
If you do register for clothes that are gender appropriate, register for size 9 months and up. They barely wear half of the clothes you will get and my 5 month old is already in 9 month clothes. They grow so fast!
This is something we did...for our baby showers I had the host put a small note at the bottom that all gifts of $$ will be going into a 529 for Logan's college ed. People thought that it was amzing that we were thinking of that already and we would gifts and a small check to put in the fund. *in case you don't know a 529 is a college savings fund that you will never have to pay taxes on. When your child is 18 or graduates from high school they get the $$ tax-free IF it goes to a education. (college/ unn./trade school.)
Anyway no time like the present.
all the best!

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