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By stargirley On 12/29/03  

My Fiance and I just recently decided to get off the pill. I have only been off since the 6th of DEC. but I am convinced I'm pregnant. I still have about 10 days until I will be late for my period, but My nipples hurt like a son of a bitch. I seem to remember the same type of pain when I was pregnant with my daughter. But I can't remember how early the pain started. Did any of you have the nipple tenderness? when did it start - if you remember? I want to go take a test, but I think it's still pretty early. I'll update in a few weeks when I break down and buy a test. Thanks for any stories or experiences you share.

By senorcoconut On 12/30/03  

Maybe you are just getting the symptoms of a period and they are worse because you are coming off all those hormones. Then again, you are supposed to be super fertile as soon as you get off the pill. Assuming a normal cycle and that you went off right after your last period, you would have ovulated when? The 21st? Then you would be a little over four weeks PG (according to the accepted gestation figures--Date of conception=two weeks pregnant). I was breastfeeding when I got pregnant, so I didn't really notice anything going on in my toobular boobular region.

By jennymeg On 12/30/03  

Me too - in that I was breastfeeding w/ my second pregnancy, but didn't get boob pain until a couple of months into pregnancy (it was much earlier w/the first pregnancy, I think). But it wasn't nipple pain, it was whole-breast tenderness.

Yep, going off the pill = super fertile.

So maybe you ought to just take a test. Aren't there some you can get before you miss your period? Ok, maybe I'm just trying to drum up some action on the parenting board (yawn).

By MojoMama On 12/31/03  

not too much to comment except that "toobular boobular region" really made me chuckle this morning! not sure why except perhaps I need more shut eye... gracias senorcoconut! :)
on topic though, I had some serious boob tenderness once I got off the pill, pretty much immediately, even though I knew I wasn't pregnant. my advice is to take the test!

By stargirley On 01/02/04  

I took a test from the dollar store. it came out negative, but now I'm just feeling "off" I'm convinced I'm pregnant, but it was just too early for the test to pick it up. I'm going to wait untill next friday and take another one if I haven't started by then. I'll update after that.

By stargirley On 01/16/04  

I took a test last night and ..............
I'm pregnant! I'm so excited. But now that I know for a fact that I am, I'm nervous. I want one, but now I'm wondering if we are ready. And the fact that my fiance said that he's worried about what the effect will be on his other 2 kids kind of threw me off I think. I don't understand what kind of effect it would have on them. If anything my daughter would be effected, since she lives with us and this is her first sibling and she is used to being the only one there (at least during the week) I guess I being insensitive, but I just don't see the issue - unless he thinks they still have hope of him and his ex getting back together and this will cement the fact that it's not gonna happen? I don't know. any advise. Oh and should i make a doctor's appointment right away, or how long should I wait? Last time I was pregnant I was 18 and I was scared and I waited for way too long before going to the doctor. so i don't really know when is the right time to go.

**ETA - How long should I wait to tell my boss? and others? I already told my sister and 2 best friends. I will tell my mom soon too - as soon as I work up the nerve. (my mom is pretty unpredictable with things like this)I have so many questions. i guess I should go buy some books too, huh?

By craftykatie On 01/16/04  


As for your fiance's kids...I think he's absolutely right to be worried about the effect this will have on his kids.

First, as you said, nearly all children whose parents live apart hold a secret hope that their parents will get back together. When Mom or Dad start making babies with their new partner, that pretty much kills that dream and that can be very painful for children.

Further, there is the issue of another child coming along to compete with them during the time they have with their father. Their Mom and Dad don't live together, Dad is already spending more time with another child than with them and now here comes a biological child that will get to be with Dad 24/7. How could that not hurt?

I think it's great he's already aware and concerned about their feelings. That will help them to do the hard work that's going to be required to stay close and get through the rough patches ahead.

By blissed On 01/16/04  

Congratulations! How exciting for you. I'm not sure I can offer any good advice regarding your fiance and the kids... it would have been nice if he brought it up before. But being worried isn't necessarily a bad thing: It's reasonable. But you two need to talk about how you're going to merge these families. I don't know how young they are, but of course kids process things differently than adults do: They may have a hard time coming to terms with the relationship between you too. This could be a lot for them to deal with -- but that doesn't mean having a child together is a bad idea! I can only recommend talking honestly and openly with each other, and with the kids. Hopefully others have more experience with this...

You should call your doctor sooner rather than later. My doctor didn't see me until 3 months in, but had me come in right away for a test to confirm the pregnancy, and to give me some nutritional info and get me started on prenatal vitamins. But for most women I know, their doctors want to see them right away. It can't hurt!

As for your boss: I'd wait at least until you're 3 months in. I waited until 4: I wanted to tell him before I was showing and people were raising eyebrows, but couldn't think of a good reason it was any of his business before then. Although if this is your second child, you'll probably start showing earlier. Are there other women in your workplace you can talk to, to get an idea of how your boss handles these issues? My boss has a good track record, so I was very comfortable discussing it with him. But there are tons of nightmare stories about evil -- or sometimes hopelessly ignorant -- bosses. As good as mine is, he was still dumbfounded to learn that I planned to take more than four weeks of maternity leave. And before you tell your boss, be sure to know your legal rights regarding pay while on maternity leave, and, very importantly, job protection both before and after your leave.

As for telling others: I confided in close family and friends, but let most of my co-workers just figure it out on their own. If you need to be wary of alerting your boss, then be careful not to let the workplace gossip know too early. At my office, once she found out it spread like wildfire.

And don't worry about wondering if you're ready: I wonder every single day, and we've been working up to this for 10 years now. When you really think about it, there's never a good time to have kids. You could always use a bigger place to live, more cash, a better support network... but you don't need much more than a whole lot of love and patience. Or so I hope... Good luck, and enjoy!

By Peachy On 01/18/04  

That's so exciting!! Congratulations. I would definately make a doctor's appointment right away. They will probably want to check you out, do some blood tests and then have you come back in 2 or 3 months anyhow. I think pregnancy is filled with worries and it's perfectly normal to have them. If you and your fiance are able to communicate that is the most important thing.

A lot of people gave me books when they found out I was pregnant and I've been taking them out at the library, too. (But mostly they freak me out too much to read them thoroughly. And magazines are even worse...they make me feel like I need to buy a billion things and do prenatal yoga 24 hours a day when I'm not cooking 1000 special pregnancy meals.)

As far as when to tell people, I tried to wait until after the first three months but I just couldn't. You can use as much moral support as possible, especially in the first few months.

Good luck!

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