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By Katrin On 12/28/03  

All right, trying this one more time...isn't there anyone else here from around the Denver/Boulder area? I've been wanting for ages to start a S&B group, and there never seem to be any takers.

The one get-together I've been to was just me and one other person (hi, Mermily!). It was fun - but basically we just had lunch and chatted, didn't do any actual crafting. We also live a little too far apart for just conveniently dropping in for a craft session.

So. I'm in central Denver. Anybody around here wanna start up a regular S&B thing? We don't necessarily have to knit - a generic "craft night/day" where everyone can do their own thing would be cool. I'd prefer to stay closer to home, but I'm willing to travel as far as Boulder (or even Longmont) if weather permits and it's a regularly scheduled event that I can count on.

By jmysak On 01/19/04  

I'm in Longmont, but my craftiness is almost entirely related to my sewing machine and insatiable appetite for fabric. Denver Fabrics, anyone?

So while none of my crafty pursuits are easily transportable, I'm still up for hitting crafty stores with other glitterati. I used to do tons of crafty stuff when I was in school, so maybe I just need the inspiration.

By Jesser On 01/23/04  

In all likelihood, I'll be moving back to the Denver area sometime around August. I grew up there and my husband and I think we've been in Madison long enough! When I move, I'd love to be involved.

By hushabye On 01/23/04  

I live in Westminster and work in Longmont. Where do you want to base the S&B?

By pixiebmm On 01/26/04  

Boulder has a Sn'B and has a yahoo group! They meet every thurs. eveing I belive and 1 Sat a month. I live in westminster so it's not too far away but I would love to have one in Denver. I had heard from my boyfriend that there was a Sn'B at the thin man in denver back in Dec. I couldn't go because of school and since then I have not been able to find any info about it. I'm all for starting one in Denver

By mermily On 01/28/04  

I'm in for round 2 (howdy katrin)Is there really a S&B in Boulder? How'd I miss that? But I too would host (in boulder) drive to denver, longmont, anywhere! And what about the yahoo group--

By pixiebmm On 01/28/04  

here's the link for the boulder stitch'n bitch>

I hope the link works. I'm hoping to go to their next Saturday meeting however I would still like to see one start up in Denver as well

By Katrin On 01/29/04  

Pixiebmm, are you the one who emailed me? If so, sorry for not getting back to you sooner! I just gave up looking at "The Guide" since no one had responded to my post for so long.

My neighbors & I hope to start a S&B next week - it was scheduled for this week but cancelled due to conflicts. I'm looking forward to it, but also a little nervous, because they all live together and as the next-door neighbor, I barely know them.

I don't know whether they wouldn't mind other people joining, or if they want to keep it small, but I'll ask. I wouldn't mind not being the only "stranger" there! We're in central Denver (Capitol Hill), by the way.

One of my neighbors also mentioned a S&B that's already happening on Monday nights at a bar on 17th St. - I can't remember the name of the place. Now that I have Monday evenings free for the time being, I might check that out too.

By pixiebmm On 01/31/04  

On someone posted that indeed there is an S'nB at the Thin Man on Mondays At 6:30 that's the bar on 17th so I should give it a try. I'm a bit nervous going by myself though Ohh why can't any of my friends do somekind of crafting?!

By Katrin On 01/31/04  

Thin Man! That's the name of the place! Maybe I'll show up there this Monday too. :)

By Katrin On 02/04/04  


I went to the Thin Man this past Monday - I'd never been there before, and I must say it's the Coolest Place Ever! And it's right next door to the new St. Mark's - you can even order coffee drinks from there and drink them in the bar instead.

The founder of this S&B group is moving out of town soon with his boyfriend (who's the bartender there), and he wants to make sure the group keeps going after he's gone. I've told my neighbors about the place; I hope they can make it next week. Pixie, everybody, come on down!

By monkeypants On 02/04/04  

Its good to hear this conversation starting up again. I think seen Katrin's and some other folks post before. Anyhoo, I'm in central Denver and would volunteer my house for an event if anyone is interested.

Katrin: what time does SNB go on over at the Thin Man. P.S. The Thin Man rocks!

By Katrin On 02/04/04  

It starts at 6:30, and this one ran until about 10, with different people coming and going.

By monkeypants On 02/04/04  

Rats! My swim class meets on Monday nights and it runs through mid-March. Maybe when class is over....

By shampoo martini On 02/04/04  

Anybody else on here from the FT COLLINS AREA?!?!?!? i need to meet some friends :)

By starrynight On 02/07/04  

I'm from Fort Collins! Feel free to drop me an email.

By Katrin On 02/09/04  


Anybody up for the Thin Man this evening? I'll be showing off my newly finished "chocolate covered pickle" sweater!

By misskara On 03/29/04  

I was just curious if you all were still meeting on Monday evenings for the SnB at the Thin Man???

By Katrin On 03/29/04  

I haven't been to one of those in a while, but I think they're still going on. I know the guy who originally organized them has moved out of town, but I'm pretty sure people were still planning to meet there after he was gone.

Unfortunately I have other plans for tonight. Apparently there's a group that meets at Penn Street Perk (13th & Penn) on Tuesday nights. I've been looking forward to checking that one out, but I'm busy tomorrow evening as well.

By misskara On 04/01/04  

Well Thank you for the info. I will have to look into it. Thanks again, you were helpful.

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