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By chellibella On 12/27/03  

Hello :)
I am going to be moving to philadelphia early next year to attend art school and was wondering if anyone from the area could share any ideas on nice places to shop or just generally hang (crafty or otherwise)so i wont end up in a rut on south street every weekend :)
also, i've heard of fabric row, but are there other good places to stock up on crafty goods? thanks bunches !

By XoeCraft On 12/28/03  

Well, I haven't lived in the Philadelphia area for a while, so can't offer too much advice. I think Manayunk's supposed to be a cool area. Also, pretty far outside of town... about an hour or so, is New Hope PA and Lambertville NJ. They are great artsy-fartsy towns.

Are you going to Moore?


By monkeyrocker On 01/05/04  

I posted a couple places for craft supplies on craftster:

By chellibella On 01/08/04  

thanks so much for the craftster info..i just registered in the helps out a lot :)

By lexs_creations On 01/07/04  

Hey! I am going to Philly this weekend (I live in the DC area) and I'll be going to Manayunk. Everyone keeps telling me how cool it is, so I am very excited! :)

By monkeyrocker On 01/12/04  

Damn, I wish I had seen your post earlier...Manyunk is like some wierd part of Bellvue transplanted to the East Coast. I don't know, maybe that's your thing, but if you found Manyunk as infuriatingly obnoxious as I do and you plan to come back to Philly again, let me know. There are actually cool things to do in Philly that don't involve Pottery Barn.

By editorgrrl On 02/06/04  

I'm going to Philadelphia Valentine's weekend. What are the must-sees? Any thrift/recycling places? Local yarn shops? LIve music?

By monkeyrocker On 02/09/04  

I'm e-mailing you...

By editorgrrl On 02/09/04  

You're the best! I'm going to pay the Glitterati karma forward & post an offer in the Connecticut thread to advise anyone coming here about anything & everything they'd like to know.

By monkeyrocker On 02/11/04  

Awsome! I actually have a friend getting her Ph.D. at Yale; I'll forward her a link to the CT thread.

By varouna On 03/13/04  

i just noticed this thread...

fabric row is great. i gets a lot of stuff there, sometimes they have really good deals.

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