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By plainmabel On 12/21/03  

I'm totally running out of promo goodies from other shops to give out in my customers' packages. If you'd like to send me some (postcards, flyers, buttons, whatever), email me and I'll send you my address. Send the email to:
(replace the AT and DOT of course, just trying to avoid those spam crawler things)

Include your address in the email and I'll send you some Plain Mabel goodies for your packages as well!

By toetoe On 12/22/03  

Perfect timing. I am running out too! Thanks plainmabel!!

By KittenCndy On 12/22/03  

Yes Yes me too! My business address is

GlamourPuss Shop
PO Box 7767
Atlantic City,NJ 08404

My customers seem to really like buttons. A few have emailed me thanking me.

By plainmabel On 12/22/03  

I agree, buttons are definitely big! So many more people took buttons than postcards at the Bazaar Bizarre.

toetoe and KittenCndy, I'll email you with my address.

Anyone else who's interested, please send me an email to infoATplainmabelDOTcom directly since I may not be checking Glitter as much for the next week or so w/holidays and all. :)

By SublimeStitcher On 12/22/03  

Me three! Plus, I *finally* have my stickers in now, so post yer addresses for me too!

Jenny Hart
Sublime Stitching
Promo Swap
PO Box 15130
Austin, TX 78761

By plainmabel On 12/22/03  

I got one of the stickers in the package I ordered from ya! Woo! I'll email you my mailing address, Jenny.

Any others who want to send stuff for Plain Mabel packages, please email me! :)

By KittenCndy On 12/31/03  

I received your goodies today plainmabel. Love your packaging for the buttons!

I just ordered some more buttons today and some postcards so I should be sending mine out within the next two weeks.

By lilyblue On 01/01/04  

I have pins now. If you want some let me know.

By jesskbg On 01/01/04  

All I have are business cards. Is that okay?

By plainmabel On 01/01/04  

Yay, I'm glad you like them KittenCndy!

Business cards, pins, anything that you'd like me to throw in with packages is ok with me. Send me an email with your address and I'll reply with mine. :)

By funkyutopia On 01/01/04  

All I have are business cards as well, but I am very interesting in swapping!

OOPs, I have to apologize, I sent a email to the address in your profile. I should have read the directions first.
I'll send another to the address above. Thanks :)


By jennymeg On 01/04/04  

I sent cards out to about 5 people, I think, and only received promo stuff from one (another person said hers were on the way). I am not sure what happened. . .

I sent my cards out in envelopes cut from magazine pages, so I hope that didn't throw anyone off. Please let me know if I contacted you and you need them re-sent -

I just ordered the 250 free business cards from Vista Print, and, inspired by Plain Mabel, I SWEAR I am going to try harder this year on the promo front.

By funkyutopia On 01/04/04  

Edited because I got confused :P

goodies going to PlainMabel (MA) and MyPaperCrane (PA) should be there by wednesday at the latest. Okay, I think I am organized now...


By kelley On 01/05/04  

I'd love to finally get to do this too. I tried to have business cards for the last swapping but they didn't work out as planned. I now have some little one inch buttons I could send to anyone interested.

just send me an email.


By kelley On 01/05/04  

KittenCndy & Sublime Stitcher - since you posted your address here - I'm going to send you all a few buttons!


I emailed some of you others.

By KittenCndy On 01/15/04  

Im sending out some postcards to Jenny and Tara. Everyone else please send me your address!

By funkyutopia On 01/16/04  

If anyone else is still willing to swap, here is my address or email me. Thanks!


Funky Utopia Designs
PO Box 1092
Seymour, TN 37865

By jesskbg On 01/16/04  


I'll send you some business cards if you'd like. Let me know.


By funkyutopia On 01/16/04  

Yay! Let's swap. I should get my order of business cards within the next couple of days. Plus I have some card magnets to swap as well. Email me with your address. Thanks!


By Shade On 01/16/04  

I have no promo stuff yet, minus some cheap handwritten business cards.. but thanks to jennymeg's reply about Vista Print, I will soon ;) I'll send them as soon as I get them in.

And a big, BIG thank you to jennymeg for posting that :)

By jennymeg On 01/16/04  

You're welcome! ;)

Mine should be here soon.

By Suri01 On 01/17/04  

Oh I am so in, I'll send business cards to the people who posted their address please let me know if you want some and I'll take some of your promos as well just e-mail me to

By jennymeg On 01/27/04  

Just to keep this at the forefront . . .

I have just started running low on some of the promos I've received, so I have started emailing people again.

I'm also distributing these locally whenever I'm in a place where there is a target audience present (um, college students in coffee houses and such).

By kelley On 01/28/04  


By funkyutopia On 01/29/04  

Kelley, I sent you an email.

jennymeg, I sent your package out today.

If anyone else is interested ... I would love to swap!! Here is my address, feel free to send your goodies my way. Or email me with your info.

Nicole Theis
Funky Utopia Designs
PO Box 1092
Seymour, TN 37865


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