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By subtle On 12/14/03  

Does anyone else have this skin condition?

I need some advice! My skin is fa-reaking out, and I can't see my doctor until after Christmas. I'm looking for some remedies that will get me through the holidays.

What skin care routine do you follow? Any miracle products?

Thanks in advance!

By elixir beth On 12/15/03  

hey subtle

my mom, the super RN, gave me the following tips:
1) avoid anything that dialates the blood vessels: alcohol, coffee, hot showers, spicey foods, etc
2) a hydracortizone cream MAY help.

hope things clear up a bit till you can see a physician...

By lizzymahoney On 12/15/03  

I don't have this, but have read that evening primrose oil capsules are good for people with rosacea. I researched it for a relative a year or so ago.

Absolutely no rubbing of the skin, just gentle washing with mostly water, then pat dry. Any topicals could exacerbate the rosacea.

By tattoobelly On 12/15/03  

My mom has rosacea and what she swears by is Neosporin cream. NOT the ointment--the cream. She puts it on the affected areas in the morning and at night and she says it works better than the prescription she used to have.

By hightide On 12/15/03  

Cold winters are so much fun for me and my skin...

I second the no alcohol, caffeine (that means tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas), spicy food, extremes in temperatures. Stay hydrated - I try to drink at least a liter of water every day. Omega-3 oils seem to help (flax, primrose, pumpkin, etc). I wash with Eucerin or Cetaphil. If it's cold where you are, moisturize with something gentle. I put a layer of grapeseed oil or kukui nut oil on before braving the outdoors in cold climates.

By ksue On 12/15/03  

Yeah, unfortunately all the things we love so much are bad for rosacea.

Dr. Haushka Rose Day Cream is really wonderful, as is all their products. Not cheap, but really nicely formulated and is especially recommended for reducing cuperose (rosacea).

I feel your pain.


By kungfugirl On 12/15/03  

I'm not sure about rosacea, but I've had really bad, rashy pimpled skin, and washing with Cetaphil and putting Neosporin cream on it really helped. The Neosporin dried out the pimples and reduced swelling within 2 days.

I don't know what causes rosacea, but if you drink a lot of coffee now, I'd suggest stopping, since my dermatologist said the oils in coffee are really bad for acne prone skin, and I've noticed a big difference when I've gone without coffee for a while.

By subtle On 12/15/03  

Thank you all so much for your responses.

I've been managing thus far by just avoiding triggers (dietary and environmental) but I'm definitely going to try some of the recommended products!

It's very cold and dry where I live (Canadian prairie province) and I get horrid dry patches on my face (lovely...) I think the exfoliating in an attempt to remove the flaky skin was what caused the problem, so I'll be sure to be more gentle from now on.

Thanks again for the help!

ETA: Lizzymahoney, does one ingest the primrose oil capsules, or burst one and apply the oil to the skin? Or both?

By bratgirl On 12/15/03  

I swear by Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser.

I have mild rosacea, and I super dry and break out. Burt's Bees really works for me. I have very sensitive skin and burts is gentle enough for me. It contains a lot of different oils, but oddly, I never broken out from it (and I get breakouts from oil free products)!! I will never go without this product.

Hope one of the suggestions on this page works for you.


By Hester On 12/15/03  

Although it's pricey, Pevonia makes the most amazing skin care products and they have an entire Rosacea line. You can find it on ebay - this lady from Beverly Hills sells stuff on there all the time.

By lizzymahoney On 12/16/03  

Swallowing the evening primrose caps. I don't recall how much supplement was suggested, but most bottles will give you an idea of how often to take and how much.

By CraftinFool On 12/16/03  

I have mild rosacea, and had a topical lotion called Klaron that didn't do much. I find that vitamin E oil tends to decrease the redness, anyway.

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