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By shescrafty On 12/11/03  

HELP! Why is mod podge so sticky??? I am a decoupagin' fool, and I can't seem to find a good coater that is water based and doesn't make things bleed, and dries hard and clear and glossy and non-sticky! I am painting picture frames that I got at the dollar store with acrylic craft paint, using images I am cutting up from last year's beautiful TASCHEN desk calendar called INDIA!INDIA!, and using amazing transluscent sequins for accent. They are coming out beautifully, but STICKY!! WHAAAGGGHHHH!

By achin to be On 12/11/03  

oh i love mod podge! i decorated a table with the stuff but didnt have much of a problem with stickiness..
well, maybe if we put something hot on the table, then occassionally it stuck. but genrally it was ok..

By aphasia On 12/11/03  

Maybe dust with talc or baby powder? I've done that before with sticky glues and it helps.

By bonnell99 On 12/12/03  

mod podge just dries tacky.

use a top coat of acrylic sealer or clear water based varnish over top.

By cyan On 12/12/03  

water down some white glue

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