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By jtsang On 12/08/03  

I thought I'd start a thread to show off my cutie pie:>

Please post your pics too

I just love that little eyebrow thing she does!


By CraftinFool On 12/08/03  

She is so adorable! You are lucky, jt. Enjoy her!

By jtsang On 12/08/03  

Thanks :)
Anyone else want to post a photo of their adorable pet?

By lulabelle On 12/08/03  

She's gorgeous!!!

By lindastar On 12/08/03  

oh my gosh what a cute dog and what a cute name! *virtually pets*

edited to post my bean dog, even though he lives in texas. :(
> there he is finishing a christmas tamale he pulled out of the trash
> and there we are last christmas.

i can't wait to see him! i called on speaker phone at thanksgiving and my sisters said he looked very excited and confused at the same time. awww.

By jess152 On 12/08/03  

Such nice dogs! You guys are so lucky!

We've just moved to a new town and it seems that everyone has a dog but us. So far we've met two tripods, a malamute named Rosey, a shnauzer named Truffles, a mutt named Gus, and a small, barky white dog whose name we don't know.

eta: Spooky, but also kind of sweet: there are two poodles buried in the basement of our house. We have an apartment over our business and the owners (landlords) lived here for many years and didn't have a back yard. I guess they thought the basement was their best bet when they lost a pet? Odd, but Frosty and Snow White's (their names are down in the basement along with the years they lived) spirits live on. :)

By pianogirl On 12/08/03  


By dandilionfluff On 12/08/03  

i want a dogggggggggggg!!!!
those dogs look like they could be related! they are soo cute

By lindastar On 12/08/03  

grommet did remind me of LD. i wish i could have a dog too (he's technically my sisters, and many many miles away. *sniff*)

By Laurasia_ On 12/09/03  

I already posted a few pet pics in some other thread a week or so ago, but hey, we can always use more smiling pets and I have a somewhat ridiculous amount of pet photos so here's my pooch, Cowboy--
Smiling at the beach:>
Being a nerd:>
All dressed up:>

In case you were wondering about the missing leg: I adopted Cowboy like this. He was neglected by his previous owner, who let him walk on a broken leg for over a year, which made it all deformed and painful. He was dropped in a shelter where no one could bear to put him to sleep. They contacted a wonderful rescue group who took him in, got him the amputation and eventually adopted him to me! He's really happy and he gets along just fine as a tripod. He's just happy to live life!

By CraftinFool On 12/09/03  

Here's Nibbles.

He's not a dog but I figured I'd share anyway.

By schnitzle On 12/09/03  

Nibbles is darling! :) I like that he is into his health (ie the vitamin c drops). What a cutey!! The pic of him in his snuggle bag is so sweet :)

By lindastar On 12/09/03  

cowboy is the CUUUUTEST!

By jtsang On 12/09/03  

what cute doggies, lindastar, that dog does look like grommets long lost cousin :)

Laurasia, I love the pic with the reading spectacles :)

And nibbles is adorable!

Bring on the pet photos :)


By twistdjoy On 12/09/03  

Here are my doggie babies! Annie is the Jack Russell, and Elvis is the beagle. These were taken on Thanksgiving.

By jtsang On 12/09/03  

ooh super cute, I love terriers and beagles. The only reason I didn't get a beagle is really b/c of the howl factor.


By twistdjoy On 12/09/03  

Yeah, he sure does howl! When he's excited, he sounds like someone is skinning him alive. He's such a sweetie, though, that it's worth putting up with that horrendous noise. lol

By copacetic On 12/09/03  

Oh the cuteness!!! :) What a great way to start the day...checking out sweet furry friends! :)

I don't have any doggies, but I have two kitties. Since it's the holiday season, I'll share their Xmas photos! :)

Here's Ethel, as a reindeer:>

and Tobin, as Santa:>

Yes, I'm terrible for dressing up my cats... ;)

By twistdjoy On 12/09/03  

Ooooh, I love kitties, too! Thanks to everyone who's shared photos. I've wanted to reach in the monitor and pet every single one of them. :-)

By jtsang On 12/09/03  

whee, dressed up cute kitties, I won't feel so bad about putting a santa hat on Grommet now. I'll try to post that tonight :)


By outofrange On 12/09/03  

cute cute cute!!!!

i'm jealous...
i want a doggie...

By lindastar On 12/09/03  

i got my dog the cutest paw stocking at petco or some other online place (come to think of it, it was that now defunct place with the sock puppet). i think i have pics of him wearing a christmas tree hat somewhere...evil, yet fun. :)

aww. that's a couple years old.

By ai On 12/09/03  

cute stuff!

i miss my dogs so much, I have to restrain myself from hassling people on the street to let me pet their doggies.

i hope my parents don't bury our standard poodles in the basement! luckily, we have a backyard because it's just the sort of thing they would do otherwise. we had a dead hamster in the freezer for a few months while we waited for the ground to thaw so we could bury him.

By jtsang On 12/10/03  

ha ha! How cute and smiley! I need my b/f to fix his computer so I can get the photos I took of her that are trapped on it. Every time I reboot it, it will die just as I go to post them :(


By ilovedirt On 12/10/03  

Here's Max, our new dog. He resembles a dingo and gets hiccups a lot :)
> recent photos. including Pecker at the bottom.. he loves rubbing on the computer....

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