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By Crazy Kat On 12/05/03  

What are some cute tip jars you've seen around? I need one, but I don't want it to just say "tips"


By msmetro On 12/05/03  

I end up working a lot of hippie shows (i.e. jam bands), so mine says "tipping is good karma" not inspired, but suitable for most audiences.

By klara.detroit On 12/05/03  

in the store/cafe i work in we have a tip jar that says "wishing well" (it's a large glass with water in it). that seems to work fine.
even people who are not buying things contribute just to get to wish something.

By jtsang On 12/05/03  

two cute ones were college fund and karma jar.

Most of them don't even say anything, just a jar full of $


By Sporkin On 12/05/03  

Though this probably isnt useful to you, my local piercer has one that says "Tipping makes it hurt less" with a smiley face. I thought it was cute....

By Violet_Knife On 12/05/03  

One of the coffee places here says "Tipping is sexy."

By hilltop35200047 On 12/05/03  

One place says Tips and has a picture of a guy on a tightrope

By meg1017 On 12/05/03  

at the school store it says "our trip to hawaii fund"

By kategirl On 12/05/03  

my friend had one that said "take a penny, leave a dollar"

By rebeccak On 12/05/03  

at a bar, 'feeling tipsy'
my friends coffee place 'i want to go to college 'fund''

By Wilddove On 12/05/03  

We made one at the restaurant I worked at last year that said "'s almost like charity."


By Alix On 12/06/03  

"Tipping -- it's not just for cows anymore"

By stashia On 12/06/03  

fear change? Leave it here.

By kval1 On 12/06/03  

i cant believe it isnt taken but i love "tipping is not a city in china"....

By baby raptor On 12/06/03  

i saw one where it was an opaque container, and someone had cut off the corner of a 20$ bill(you could see it was a 20) and taped it to the inside edge..... it said something cute but i forget.....

By InHarmsWay On 12/07/03  

My favorite is "Support counter intelligence."

By Lydia On 12/07/03  

one of my friends once took like half a sheet of poster board and wrote this wacked out myth about the origins of tipping, and its importance in today's society. it was illustrated and rad.
also "if you dont tip, i'll play 'freebird' on repeat"

By jess152 On 12/07/03  

These are all so great! My husband and I just opened a coffee shop and on our opening day someone asked where our tip jar was. Yay! Every little bit helps, as we are way in the red. *gulp*

One I've seen in a ski town was "Keep your tips up" (with a picture of some skis). Also kind of dependent on where you are, like the piercing one.

By Jaded Lacey On 12/08/03  

This wouldn't really work at most places...but there's an ice cream shop in my town called the spotted cow. the tip jar is a big cow spotted bucked with a sign that just says "cow tipping" I always thought that was cute.


By CraftinFool On 12/08/03  

There's a local place around here whose jar says, "Feeling tipsy?" Always made me laugh

By glittermolly On 12/08/03  

i quite like 'tipping isnt something that happens if you stand up in a boat'

By whywhyzee On 12/08/03  

I worked in a place that tried many different tactics and signs, but I found that "tipping is good karma" seemed to work the best.

By caropop On 12/08/03  

saw this one today at the pizza joint:

"Scuze me, while I tip this guy"

with, of course, a picture of Jimi.

By Crazy Kat On 12/09/03  

Such great ideas! Thanks everyone!

By ms. victory On 12/09/03  

how about, "There's a party in this jar and your money is invited."
i saw that at a merch table at a concert and had a good laugh, i had to tip.
then i made a sign with that saying for a friend bartending a party and he got some good tips!
**good luck with your shop!**

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