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By Mommymolds On 12/03/03  

Any ideas??? I can't seem to find a site that can give me some instructions. Any help would be great!

By Jesser On 12/04/03  

I don't really know how to help, but I think that's a really neat idea. One of my art profs in college did installation art, mostly out of sheet metal. I bet he'd know how to do it. Wish I knew where he was ... poo!

By maryk7447 On 12/04/03  

I have wanted to do the same thing for a while. The hardest part for me was finding the exact table I wanted to put the metal on.

I know for sure the metal comes on a roll and to cut it you have to score it with a blade a couple of times and then bend it until it breaks apart. The edges will be very sharp!!

You can wrap the metal around the table and then using a drill, screw it secure underneath.

Be sure to sand any exposed edges!

By bbaltimore On 12/04/03  

Another idea would be to buy the metal sheet precut to the exact size of your table top. Use an adhesive to glue it down. Once it is dry use a grinder to sand down the top edge at an angle so there will be nothing sharp sticking out to cut you.

By denimqueen On 12/04/03  

Sheet metal is extremely sharp. Be very careful! I almost would suggest just buying the metal and taking to a sheet metal shop/worker and getting them to fit it for you. It probably wouldn't be that expensive if you provided the materials and it would probably save you a lot of aggrevation too!

By robs On 12/05/03  

It's really easy - I saw it done ages and ages ago on the Christopher Lowell show, took some notes and did it myself.

You'll need:

Galvanized flashing (if you can find it cut to size at a non home depot store that sells metal you'll be golden!)

tin snips or a heavy duty boxcutter (and something to make a stable straight edge to score the flashing against and lots of cardboard for underneath)

heavy work gloves (flashing is sharp)

linoleum adhesive and a putty knife to apply it with

upholstery tacks, screws or something else to hold down the sides with plus a hammer or screwdriver.

[I would highly recommend wrapping the flashing around a thick piece of plywood and then attaching that to the top of your desk because it will limit the sharp edges you may wind up with otherwise]


cut the flashing to size (you'll want to make it bigger than the top of the desk so that you can fold down the edges over the lip of the desk - or to wrap the flashing around the plywood)

Put on gloves before cutting!

To cut with box cutters you'll want to score the flashing numerous times to that you'll be able to bend the metal along the cut and it will snap along that scoring - this takes a lot more scoring than you'd think!

To cut with tin snips you'll want to go really slowly so that you don't get a ragged edge.

Apply linoleum adhesive (this stuff is really really noxious - give yourself plenty of ventilation) liberally to your desk top or plywood according to directions on the can and wait a little while for the adhesive to get nice and tacky - then position the flashing over the top and press it down flat onto the top but don't bend it yet - you'll have to leave it overnight with heavy books etc stacked on top to get a nice flat surface.

After the adhesive has set you can bend down or wrap the edges (you'll have to do some gift wrap folds or use tin snips to make cuts at the corners) - use the upholstery tacks, brads or screws to hold edges in place.

ta da!

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