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By cyan On 12/01/03  

The deadline to have packages sent is today, but I know that there are a least a couple girls who have already received their packages!
This thread is for you to thank your SS, or figure out who she is if she left you a clue.
Thanks again for the hard work you've all put into creating lovely packages! Take pictures if you can :)


By luci_mama On 12/01/03  

Thank you thank you thank you HeatherT!!! Your package arrived last week, and since I was swamped with the holiday and wrapping up my NaNoWriMo, I hesitated writing anything here. But I am totally digging the whole package! I've shown off my fox to everyone who will stand still long enough, and decided which windows to hang the snowflakes in (until the tree is up, and afterwards), and eaten some chocolate ... and I'm anticipating writing in the fabulous journal soon, too! I was truly thrilled ... thank you so much!


By XoeCraft On 12/02/03  


By greengirl On 12/02/03  

I received my parcel on Friday. It was a great and exciting! I loved how each item was accompanied by a little note. If there was a clue in it as to who sent it I think I may have missed it because i am not sure who it is from, but whoever you are, THANK YOU!! :)

By heathertea On 12/02/03  

yay! I am glad you liked everything Luci, I was dying over here wondering if you had received it yet. =)

By valagator On 12/02/03  

I recieved my package nad I LOOOOOOVE it all! Thanks so much.. I have no clue who sent it, but I really appreciate the gifts.


By Tela On 12/02/03  

I received my gift on Saturday, and while i'm not totally sure who it was from, they definitely did a great job. I really liked it and it was very nice that this person had made an effort to make things that i had indicated i liked in my post. Thank you, SS!

By AesSedai On 12/02/03  

Nice screen name Tela, I am hoping it was inspired by Tela, Jewel of Wilson's Foul Domain!

By stinkycretingrl On 12/02/03  

i think i messed up--i put my glitter name on my package and signed it...were we not supposed to do that?

By AesSedai On 12/02/03  

I included my real name and my Glitter name on my package as well. I didn't think it was a huge issue.

By heathertea On 12/02/03  

I think it was up to us. I personally put my name and glitter name on my package. I never got to find out who was my secret snowflake gift giver last year... she never let me know who she was, which was a little frustrating! So, I figured I would save someone else my frustration. =)

By ad_ho On 12/02/03  

bumpity bump!

By BethG2 On 12/02/03  

Thank you to my secret snowflake! I got a really amazing scarf, guitar shaped soap, and a yummy lip balm. Christmas is off to a good start.


By XoeCraft On 12/02/03  

Yay! You're welcome BethG2! Glad you liked everything.

~Happy Holidays~

By kazoogrrl On 12/03/03  


By cyan On 12/03/03  

**bump to the top**

By silverbell On 12/03/03  

1. I received my package today and I have to say, I think I have the nicest, coolest, most thoughtful and most generous Secret Snowflake ever. So a big big THANK YOU for all the great stuff!!

2. When do we get to tell/find out who the snowflakes were? Is there an official time, or do we just come out with the secret whenever we're ready?


By Bag-Lady On 12/03/03  

I'm so glad this thread has started! I've been rushing home every day and asking if the post has been. All my friends at work think I'm mad and I can't stop talking about it. They're all like "so what happens if you don't get a package", and I'm just like "it doesn't bear thinking about!!"
As soon as it arrives I'll let you know!

By AesSedai On 12/03/03  

I got mine today. Had some lovely bracelets that looked like raspberries on them, but both were broken. No bubble wrap and delicate things. Fortunately one is only broken in that it came unlinked and since i make jewelry i have the tools to fix it. loved the aol tin! Thanks secret snowflake!

By cyan On 12/03/03  


I've planned on posting the list of Secret Snowflakes and their recipients in January. I know that seems like a long way away, but I want to give plenty of time so that packages can get to their recipients, because some are going to Australia, the Netherlands, etc.
But I'm marking off names when packages are received, so if everyone has theirs by x-mas, I'll post the list then. :)

ETA: If you want to out yourself as someone's SS after they post that they've received their package, that's totally fine!

By pinkO On 12/03/03  

oh my person was soooo thoughtful although they seem very modest. from the packaging (HA easymac!) to the contents i really liked it. it looks like you put a ton of thought into the stuff and i love it because i am a super mac geek. :) and i am a postitnote-a-holic. the pumpkin bread smells amazing but i ate a huge dinner, so i will have some for breakfast. i think i will hide it so my family doesn't get their grubby hands on it. and you have seperated it into two packages which is superkeen by me, cuz i love getting the mail. thanks so much. oh yeah i love the tmbg sticker too! :)

--dorky dorkerson

**ETA**where is middleton in WI?
i bought the tracking option on my glitter swap pkg, so i know where it is. :)

By pinkO On 12/12/03  

also, my person sent me a second package with a hilarious patriotic bible.

you rock. thanks for putting so much thought into it!

By Melynn On 12/05/03  

Silverbell-I am so glad that you liked everything! I loved putting it all together! And I was so nervous you wouldn't like it.

By heathertea On 12/03/03  

Thank you AesSedai! I really, really love the earrings... I actually put the blue and orange pair on immediately (that's one of my favorite color combinations) and plan on wearing red to match the other pair tomorrow. =) I still haven't figured out exactly what the little kit that you included is... looks kinda like you make something with curly pieces of paper?? very interesting, I like trying new stuff like that!!

By AesSedai On 12/03/03  

Glad you like them, I made em myself!

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